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As my regular blog readers know I have been working my way through a book called Making Comics by Lynda Barry. This has been a year-long project and I’ve been negligent about attending to it of late so I decided it was time to do another assignment.

Lynda’s premise is that everyone can draw and everyone should draw and that too many people have been turned off from the creative experience of drawing by criticism they have received or expectations that they need to be expert at it. Drawing is a way for everyone to express themselves, share ideas, reflect on experiences and cultivate creativity.

The latest assignment in Making Comics was to think about your neighbours in the various places where you have lived and create an image to illustrate something interesting about that neighbour. So here are my three drawings…………

My parents rented a house on Kroeker Avenue in Steinbach in the early 1960s and just one house over from ours was the home of a widow named Agnes who had ten children. I remember wondering how she kept them all separate from each other in her head and how they all fit around a table to eat. My Mom and Agnes became very good friends and stayed friends for the rest of their lives.

When I was in grade two my family lived on Beaverbrook Street in Winnipeg. I went to Sir John Franklin School several blocks from our house. I remember coming home from school for lunch one day and seeing that a car had driven right into the living room of the house next door to ours. I have no idea how it happened but the next day there was a photo of the car inside the living room of the house in the Winnipeg Tribune and you could see a little bit of our house in the photo.

My husband and I owned a home on Westwood Street in Steinbach for many years and we had a neighbour who collected Christmas trees. In January when people had taken down their holiday trees and left them with their garbage to be picked up by the city sanitation trucks, this neighbour went around and ‘rescued’ all the trees and then ‘planted’ them in his backyard till spring. He would make mounds of snow for each tree to stand in. When the snow melted in spring the trees toppled over one by one and then our neighbour would haul them away. From January to April however he had a whole forest of pines in his backyard.

What interesting neighbour do you have a story about?

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