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More Driedger Winnipeg Walking Adventures

Dave by the Red River on the Macbeth Trail.

Tromping through a monastery, discovering an old mansion and finding a unique refrigerator are just a few adventures Dave and I had as we explored two Winnipeg walking trails that were new to us.

The stately Macbeth Mansion is at the head of the Macbeth Park Walking Trail.  The house which was built in 1912 for Robert Macbeth is located on land his family first received title to in 1817.   There are some other grand mansions, albeit more modern ones, visible through the trees as you hike along the river trail. We saw one enormous tree that had fallen across the path and had been cut in two.

Inside the split tree on the Macbeth Trail

To walk the Rivière Sale Trail we parked in the lot for the St. Norbert Provincial Heritage Park.The park is the site of some old homes that have been preserved for summer visitors.  They are reminders of the history of the Metis community and Quebec immigrant settlement in the area. The trail is gorgeous. It is well marked with signs that explain the Indigenous history of the area where you are walking. We definitely saw signs that some enterprising beavers had been at work along the trail. The trail ends in the provincial park again and goes right by this building which is really a fridge often seen on pioneer farmsteads. It was called an ice house.  In winter huge blocks of ice were cut from the La Salle river and using pulleys were raised to the second storey of this building and packed with insulation like straw and sawdust.  The ice would remain frozen all summer and that way food could be stored on the bottom floor and kept cold. 

The Rivière Sale Trail was too short for us to get in our 10,000 daily steps so we headed over to the nearby Trappist Monastery Provincial Park. Of course we had been here many times to watch Shakespeare in the Ruins performances in summer but we had never visited the site in winter so we tromped all over the grounds considerably upping our step totals. 

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