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A Christmas Carol Saved Our Lives

What is your favourite Christmas carol?

Singing Lo How A Rose with our family in 2002

Singing Lo How A Rose with our family in 2002 at my parents’ home

My favorite Christmas carol is Lo How a Rose e’er Blooming.  That carol may have saved our family’s life.  Our children came to Hong Kong to visit us for Christmas in 2004.  We planned to spend part of the kids’ time in Asia in Phuket, Thailand holidaying at a resort there.  

Initially, Dave booked us to fly out to Phuket on Christmas Eve.  We would check into our resort on Christmas Day and we planned a snorkelling excursion for the 26th.  When the pastor of our Hong Kong church heard our children were coming for Christmas he asked if our family would sing at an international carol service on the 24th in the evening.  

We thought that would be a nice thing to do, so Dave moved all our bookings up a day, changing our flights to the 25th and our snorkelling trip to the 27th. That probably saved our lives since the tsunami struck on the 26th and we had initially planned to be out on the ocean snorkelling that day. Luckily the resort we checked into on the 25th was high on a cliff so we only felt some trembling from the tsunami and were safe. christmas singing tao fong shanThe carol we sang at our Hong Kong church Tao Fong Shan at the Christmas Eve service was Lo How a Rose e’er Blooming. We chose it because we had sung it together before.   We still sing it together every Christmas as a reminder of just how fortunate we were during the Christmas season of 2004 .

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