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More Life Lines

life lines 1I found them again thousands of miles away! I was fascinated with the artistic lines I found on beaches in Costa Rica when I spent seven weeks there earlier this year. I did a blog post about the unique paths little creatures create as they move across the sand much like the varied paths each of us follows through life.
life line in southern ontario wet landOn a walk in a woodland in southern Ontario last weekend I found those same lines this time in water rather than sand. A snail swimming in a wetland marsh was tracing its own unique trail. It looked like an artistic lower case ‘e’.
Isn’t the natural world intriguing? Isn’t it amazing how it mirrors our own lives?

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Life Lines

life lines 4When you go for a walk along the beach here in Costa Rica you can see all these designs made by tiny sea creatures that travel just below the surface. life lines 5Their bodies leave a visible trail in the wet sand that shows how they have moved. Some of the paths are fairly straight forward and shortlife lines 2Others are rather easy going and they loop and range afarlife lines 1But some are frantic looking and head madly off in all directions with dozens of twists and turns

pretzel linesSome create an almost perfect pattern.

It reminds me of how varied the path through life can be for different people. What kind of design will my life’s path leave? 

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