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Our Last Night in Costa Rica Was Noisy

The music lasted till midnight and started again at 5 in the morning!  hotel liberiaWe stayed at a charming old world hotel in the heart of Liberia our last night in Costa Rica.  We hadn’t realized our visit would be during Liberia’s Fiestas Civicas which takes place every year during the last week of February and the first week of March. Since Liberia is in Guanacaste province where ranching and cattle raising is an important economic activity Liberia celebrates with daily horse parades.  The day we were there the parade featured children.  children's horse paradeHundreds of little kids rode on horses, most with their parents walking alongside them for safety and support.  Many were dressed up in beautiful clothes.  Some looked to be as little as one or two years old. 

child on horse liberiaOur hotel was located right on the city square which was filled with people and vendors and a stage where musicians began entertaining around the dinner hour.  And the music continued till midnight!  Since our hotel wasn’t air conditioned screened windows high up near the ceiling let in a cool breeze but they also let in the music from the square. Needless to say sleep was impossible. Thankfully at midnight the music stopped.  IMG_2495But at 5 am. the music started again. I found out later this parade is called “La Diana”and features drunken people dancing on the street after partying all night. The one upside of the 5 am. parade?  We didn’t need the wake up call we’d arranged for so we could catch a 6 am taxi to the airport. 

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