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A Sign of Hope and Help for a Sad Situation

sex trafficking help lineOn our way to Utah we spent some time in the Las Vegas airport.  I was surprised to see this sign on the inside of the door of the stall I used in an airport washroom.  I had never seen a sign like it before and I wanted to know why it was there so I did a little research.  

    • The United States Justice Department has named Las Vegas as one of the top twenty destinations in the world for human trafficking.
    • Las Vegas is a major hub for child sex trafficking because of the hyper-sexualized entertainment industry there, easy access to alcohol and drugs and twenty-four hour gambling.
    • The National Human Trafficking Resource Centre reported receiving 277 calls and emails in 2015 about human trafficking in Nevada.
    • Each year, Metro Police in Las Vegas rescue around 400 children victimized by human/ sex traffickers. 

There are some signs of hope however………

  •  Catherine Marie Cortez Masto is currently a Democratic Senator from Nevada. In 2013 when she was Nevada’s Attorney General she introduced a bill that established the human trafficking of children and adults as a crime, making its victims eligible for state assistance and allowing them to sue their traffickers.  Those convicted could have their assets seized and liquidated to provide relief to their victims.
  • Hospital personnel in Las Vegas are being taught to look for signs that patients may be human trafficking victims.
  • Billboards and signs like the ones I saw in the Las Vegas airport washroom offer a hotline number for victims to call to get help. Some do. 

Human trafficking is epidemic world-wide.  There are more than 40 million victims a year who are part of a 150 billion dollar industry. The sign I saw in the Las Vegas airport indicates steps are being taken to try to deal with the problem.  Look here for  suggestions about things you can do .

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Acts of Kindness and Love

There’s a Canadian Broadcasting Report about a young woman named Heather who after the mass shooting in Las Vegas stayed with British Columbia victim Jordan McIldoon as he died and later phoned his parents and girlfriend and made sure his body wasn’t left alone till she was certain his family would be able to find him.  She says that what she did wasn’t heroic compared to what she saw others doing.  

“People were running into the … line of fire and finding bodies and finding people and trying to save their life.”

That quote reminded me of another.

Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love.  -Gandalf in The Hobbit by Tolkien

It is frustrating to read the platitudes of American politicians who say they are praying for the victims and their families.  I want to tell them, “Open your eyes and get up off your knees and do something to stop this carnage in your country.”  But they won’t.  Since the great powers of the United States seem impotent it will be left to ordinary people to continue to carry out small acts of kindness and love that provide a glimmer of hope for their nation.   


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