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Love My Job

highschool-group-of-seven-4Had a great day at the Winnipeg Art Gallery last week with a grade nine class from the high school in Steinbach where I used to teach. I had a group of interested and thoughtful young women on my tour of the galleries. None of them had every been to an art gallery before and they loved it! “Could we come back?” they wondered. highschool-group-of-seven-3 They were very impressed by the Group of Seven paintings. They were intrigued by one of Esther Warkov’s whimsical landscapes. They came up with some really original ideas when I asked them to use our trays of manipulatives to create a personal Inuit wall hanging in the Our Land exhibit.highschool-group-of-seven-2They had definite preferences about what they had enjoyed in the galleries and told me which of the works they’d seen they would like to take home and hang in their bedroom and why.
highschool-group-of-seven-5In the afternoon I guided a different group from the same school as they created their own landscapes in the style of the Group of Seven. highschool-group-of-seven-6They were attentive and engaged. highschool-group-of-seven-1Their work illustrates this blog post.
I had such a good time with this group it almost made me sorry I’m not still teaching.

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Happy to Pay Taxes For This

On Monday Dave and I went on a twenty kilometre  bike ride.  On our journey we drove through Kildonan Park. It was a hot day and the pool in the park was crowded with kids.  I stopped to take a photo because it made me happy to see all those kids outside being active and having fun together.  I was glad my tax dollars were paying for that opportunity.  

kildonan park poolAs I give tours to kids at the art gallery this summer I have come to realize just how many great programs are in place to help families get their children involved in worthwhile healthy activities during the months they aren’t in school.  Many tour groups come to the gallery from schools, community clubs and government sponsored programs across the city that offer fun and educational activities in summer to kids for free or at a very nominal fee.  I am glad my tax dollars are paying for this too.

If we want a healthy society we need to have  future generations of citizens who are happy, active, curious, educated and hopeful. I am glad my tax dollars are helping to subsidize programs and places that try to encourage those things in kids all year long. 

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I Love Art

child-at-wag-i-love-artIt was pouring rain when I had to leave for the art gallery to give a tour one day. I had a big writing project to finish at home and I really didn’t feel like walking in the rain to work.  I was pretty wet and wind blown by the time I arrived at the gallery but I mustered up a smile to meet my tour group of six to twelve-year olds from an inner city community club who were at the gallery thanks to the generosity of a donor who sponsors groups like theirs. None of the children had every been at the Winnipeg Art Gallery before. They were absolutely delightful.  They asked questions. They had good ideas.  They were enthusiastic about the activities.  After lunch we made clay pots together and then just before they left a little girl came up to give me a hug and slip the paper above into my hand. ” I didn’t think I would like art,” she confided, “but I LOVE it!”  

i love you I love my job! Even on rainy days. 

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This Story Was Troubling

The crossing of the Red Sea is a well known Old Testament story. The Israelites made it through the Red Sea ahead of the Egyptian army pursuing them. God provided a dry path for the children of Israel to cross the sea but then once they were all safely across, ” Moses stretched out his hand over the sea, and the sea returned to its normal depth. As the Egyptians fled before it, the Lord tossed the Egyptians into the sea and the waters returned and covered the chariots, the horsemen, and all the army of Pharaoh that came into the sea after them. Not so much as one of them remained.”

That’s the story in Exodus 14. 

My story figures during my telling of the story.

Story figures during my telling of the story.

I’m teaching Sunday School to elementary age children and some of the Old Testament stories in the curriculum are troubling. I didn’t find them troubling as a child, but I do now.  All those Egyptian soldiers dying because God threw them into the sea somehow doesn’t sync with the loving God I want to believe in.

When I was telling the story I said the wave had thrown the Egyptians into the sea and I left out the fact that everyone had drowned.  One child piped up though and said something like, “They all died didn’t they?”   The kids knew. 

The theologian who writes the Biblical commentary for the curriculum we are using, suggests we tell these Exodus stories in a way that identifies with the Egyptians and grieves with them in their suffering rather than taking any sort of  delight in it.  Good advice but in the book of Exodus the Israelites dance and sing after the Egyptians die. They are pretty delighted. 

The Red Sea story is no more violent than some of the fairy tales children read, or the plot in many pieces of classic literature, so why did I feel I needed to try and white wash it ? 

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