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Godspell-Third Fringe Play- Shadow Spaces- Fourth Fringe Play

Godspell was a very entertaining show. Definitely worth the admission price. Enthusiastic talented young performers. I’ve seen Godspell many times. Both my husband and son have been in community and school productions in the past. I know the music well and this show had me wanting to sing along. I have a feeling Godspell songs are going to be queued up on my I-Pod this week. 
Maybe not as polished and professional as other productions I’ve seen- some singers struggled a  bit with diction and pitch- but still a very enjoyable 90 minutes of theatre and music. Highlight for me was Sam Plett’s rendition of On the Willows. Sam played Judas and he has one heck of a beautiful voice!


We went to see Shadow Spaces at 10:30 last night and I have to say it is not exactly a put- you- to sleep bedtime story. In fact the plot kept me awake last night.  As the poster states it is about three lives, two lovers and one murder but  things turn out differently than you might intially expect. 

The play was written by Jeff Kowerchuk who is from Winnipeg and I believe this is the first time the play is being performed. The Free Press reviewer praised the ‘taut and stirring’ performances of the actors and called the play compelling and well written. The CBC reviewer found the dialogue too intellectual and wasn’t taken in by the acting.  I certainly was. I was up waaaaay past my bed time and was wide awake and engaged throughout by the dramatic story. 

One of the reasons I wanted to go to Shadow Spaces was because Grant Burr my editor at The Carillon, the paper for which I’m a columnist, was one of the two actors in the show. I saw Grant last year at the Fringe in a one man show called Thom Pain. I had enjoyed that performance and so was looking forward to this one.  I wasn’t disappointed.

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