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Late Again

This is the third year in a row I’ve been a day late in recognizing my siblings for International Siblings Day.   I love my siblings and they greatly enrich my life.  I know just how lucky I am to have their support and friendship.  At my mother’s funeral the four of us gave a speech together to share the story of our Mom’s life. At the end we promised to do our best to maintain the strong family ties Mom had worked so hard to nurture.  I think we’re doing pretty well so far.

Mark and me Amanda's wedding




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I Love My Siblings

One Day Late


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I Love My Siblings

I missed International Siblings Day yesterday but didn’t want to miss the chance to say how much I love and appreciate my sister and brothers. family photo 60'sWe were fortunate to be raised by parents who role-modeled the importance of maintaining healthy relationships with brothers and sisters. Mom and Dad made it a priority to foster caring connections with their own siblings. 

I feel very lucky to have siblings who are so supportive and place such importance on close family relationships. 

marylou and karen halong bay

With my sister on a boat in Halong Bay Vietnam

marylou and ken kunming

With my brother in Kunming China

marylou and mark hong kong

With my youngest brother in Hong Kong

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One Day Late

Back Porch News- Before the Age of Facebook

Family Tree


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One Day Late

I missed international siblings’ day yesterday but still want to say how much I love and appreciate my three siblings. I  know that I can absolutely count on any one of them at any time. I enjoy being with my sister and brothers and I’m glad that I can see them so often now that we are living in Winnipeg.marylou childhood0007

mark marylou at pacific coffee
marylou and kaaren pink jeep tour

marylou and kenOther posts……..

Thanks Mom and Dad


Remembering Rudy York

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