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I’m Possible

I saw the movie Hello My Name is Doris on Friday.  Sally Field gives a stellar performance. Her character’s zany pursuit of a work colleague half her age was at times incredibly funny but also in some ways sad and cringe worthy.

Hello-My-Name-Is-Doris-images-e212dc1a-9116-4628-b122-993816b7379Doris’ decision to chase the man of her dreams is inspired by a slick self-help guru trying to sell his motivational DVDs, who tells Doris that the word impossible shouldn’t be in our vocabularies because nothing is impossible.  The word itself contains the inspirational two word phrase “I’m possible.”   

The mantra was stuck in my head after the movie and I found out “I’m possible” actually comes from a quote attributed to the late great Audrey Hepburn who said,  “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” 

audrey hepburn pixabay public domainHepburn, an actress in the same league as the Oscar winning Sally Field, spent the last five years years of her life away from the stage and screen acting as an ambassador for UNICEF.  I like knowing that the memorable quote in Hello My Name is Doris didn’t come from the promotional ad campaign of a fictional shyster, but from the lips of an accomplished and philanthropic woman who after acheiving the nearly impossible in the entertainment field tried to make the impossible a reality for children around the world. 

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