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An Inspiration


We saw the movie Hidden Figures on Sunday. It is about three African-American women who made important and crucial contributions to the American space program. Their story was so inspirational and reminded me of other inspirational women I have featured on this blog.  

sacagawea and son mural iowaSacagawea was a guide, diplomat and interpreter on the Lewis and Clark expeditions exploring the American west . At one point she saved the precious journals recording the expeditions’ findings.  

hariot rowan hamilton dufferin public domainHariot Dufferin played a vital role in her husband’s tenure as Governor General of Canada and later built much-needed hospitals for women and children in Pakistan and Indiarembrandt-blessing-jospehs-children-public-domainAsenath was the wife of the Biblical character Joseph and the mother of his two sons. In Genesis 41:45 she is credited with giving her husband control over the land of Egypt.  Oviloo Tunille is one of the only female Inuit stone carvers to obtain international success. 

Anne Morrow Lindbergh was an accomplished pilot and gifted author.
Antigone is the young female heroine of an ancient Greek tragedy written by Sophocles. Her story has inspired many throughout history including Nelson Mandela and Rachel Issacs the first openly lesbian rabbi.  the famous five manitoba legislature grounds winnipegThe Famous Five– Heinretta Edwards, Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby,Louise McKinney, and Nellie McClung  were responsible for having Canadian women recognized as people in their own right and not just the property of their husbands or fathers. 

Abigail and David by Juan Antonio de

The Biblical character Abigail was an intelligent, strong woman who got between two men acting foolishly and rashly and made them calm down.  One of them was the famous King David. Frances_Perkins_TIME_FC_1933

In 1933 Frances Perkins became the first American female cabinet minister. As minister of labor she introduced important laws concerning pensions, child labor and fair wages.jamaican teacherDonna was just one of many inspiring women I met during my time in Jamaica. 

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