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Four Reasons I Liked Poles Apart

poles apart I liked the book Poles Apart by Terry Fallis because………………

  1. I am a blogger.  The main character Everett Kane is also a blogger and a very successful one at that. He is writing anonymously about feminism on a blog called Eve of Equality and it was interesting to read about how he became an online sensation almost overnight.  That’s not believable but it is inspiring for bloggers like me who hope their posts will lead to other writing  opportunities.
  2. I am an older woman.  There are two older women in this story who I admired greatly. Evelyn, Everett’s mother goes to university after Everett is in school and begins a very successful business career.  Everett’s mentor Beverly Tanner is a pillar of the feminist movement, caring, supportive and open-minded. These women are my age but were still making important contributions to society and cared about others.
  3. I am a feminist and have been since my first years at university. There were times when that was very discouraging and disheartening for me both career wise and as a part of the church community.  I like the way the book doesn’t stereotype what it means to be a feminist but introduces us to both men and women who have come to terms with feminism in different ways and with different perspectives.
  4. I am married to a very funny man.  This book is written with a lively sense of humour and I have learned during forty years of living with a man who has a brilliant sense of humour that often it is wise and helpful to approach even serious subjects and events with a touch of playfulness and fun. Author Terry Fallis, winner of the Stephen Leacock Memorial Award for Humour,  approaches the very serious subject of feminism with his tongue firmly in cheek

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