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A Sunny Birthday on a Rainy Day

dressing up at the museum in quebec cityI had a great birthday. After breakfast we decided to tour two history museums here in Quebec City because there seemed to be no end in sight to the rain.  The Musée de l’Amérique Francophone and the Musee de la Place Royale taught us so much about French Canadian history . We had fun dressing up in period costumes.  IMG_3575 Later in the afternoon when the rain had become a drizzle we went for a stroll along the wharf and through the farmer’s market. We stopped to buy some honey crisp apples and strawberries from Ile d Orlean, nuts, dark chocolate and port as a treat for the evening while we watched the Blue Jays game. aux anciens canada restaurantThen it was off to the Restaurant Aux Anciens Canadiens which is located in a home built in 1675 called Maison Jacquet. The restaurant gets its name from the title of a book by one of the home’s former owner’s Phillippe- Aubert de Gaspé, who wrote the novel “Les Anciens Canadiens.”salad with goat cheeseI had an amazing salad with a grilled wheel of goat cheese and greens tossed in a maple syrup vinaigrette. 

birthday toastDave and our friends John and Velma toasted me for my birthday.blowing out candle on bread puddingThe waitress put a candle on a piece of bread pudding dripping in maple syrup sauce. WONDERFUL!

dave-and-marylou in colonial clothesDespite the dreary weather I had a sunny birthday!

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