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Driedger Reunion Arizona- Part 2- Hiking

During the week my brother-in-law John, my sister-in-law Linda and their two daughters Grace and Hannah visited us we went on four very different mountain hikes. We climbed……
IMG_5707Pinnacle Peak in Scottsdalewind cave usery mtn azThe Wind Cave Trail up Usery MountainIMG_5658Silly Mountain in Gold Canyonbeautiful Graceand the Hieroglyphic Trail in the Superstition Mountainsreaching the hieroglyphicsLinda always reached the summits first, though often Dave wasn’t far behinddave shows us the wayOn our first hike not everyone was happy with the trail selections Dave made and some vowed never to hike with him again, although they all did eventually. uncle and niecesDave takes a break with his lovely niecespointing out the hieroglypicsOn the Hieroglyphics Trail Hannah was like a mountain goat, scrambling right up to the petroglyphs and scaring her mother. marylou and lindaUsually I couldn’t keep up to Linda but did manage this photo at one rest stop. dinasour mtn from the heiroglyphic trailFrom the Hieroglyphics Trail we could see Dinosaur Mountain in the background where our house is located. mom waits for familyLinda waits for her family to catch up with her. hiking to wind cave azAlthough it was very hot the day we climbed the Wind Cave Trail as you can see from John’s flushed face……..cold in wind cavethe temperature in the Wind Caves was quite chilly and we all put our jackets back on when we reached the summit of the trail. family photoStopping for a Driedger family photo on Silly Mountain. IMG_5749In an incredible it’s a small world moment we met this man from Gimli Manitoba on Usery Mountain.He stopped us when he noticed Dave’s Winnipeg Jets hat. In the course of the conversation we discover he is a neighbor to my cousin Al and his name is John Driedger. My brother-in-law is John Driedger too- so John Driedger from Manitoba met John Driedger from Ontario on a hiking trail in Phoenix Arizona. grace and the saguaro“What’s inside that saguaro cactus?” Grace wonders.
dave is getting tired“Family hiking trips are tiring”, Dave says with a yawn. “Why did I decide to go hiking instead of taking a nap”, he wonders scratching his head. the end of the trailCelebrating at the end of the trail!

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Hieroglyphics in Arizona?

hieroglyphic trail sign gold canyon arizonaOn Tuesday we hiked the Hieroglyphic Trail in Gold Canyon, not far from where we are living. My friend Esther is visiting for a week and she did the hike with us. 

hieroglyphic trail canyon arizonaIt didn’t take Dave long to get way ahead of us.  It was an absolutely lovely day and Esther and I were determined to enjoy the blue sky, the warm sun and the amazing scenery so we walked at a much slower pace. 
barrel cactus hieroglyphic trail gold canyonEsther had never been to Arizona before so she was excited about seeing so many cacti .

IMG_0898Check out all the hundreds of saguaro cacti behind me.  Esther had read in a magazine before we left on the hike that groups of saguaro are called cohorts.

saguaro cacti gold canyon arizonaSaguaros have a very long life span and many are over a hundred years old. saguaro cacti with person

Sagauaros can grow to be 40-60 feet tall. My friend Esther is pretty tall but she is dwarfed by this giant saguaro. 

saguaro cactus with armsSaguaros only begin to develop arms after 75 years.  When it rains the cactus take in water and visibly swell to hold it in. They conserve the water and slowly consume it. 

view from the hieroglyphic trail gold canyonWe had some great views of the city below from the trail. 

hieroglyphic trail gold canyon

Although the three-mile trail is only rated as a 2 out of 10 for difficulty Esther and I stopped to rest often, took plenty of photos and walked carefully on the last bit of the trail which is very rocky. 

resting at the end of the hieroglyphic trailOf course this meant by the time we reached the end of the trail Dave had already been there for a long time just relaxing and catching a few rays.

petroglyphs on hieroglyphic trail in gold canyonAt the end of the trail we also saw the famous ‘hieroglyphics’ the trail is named after. According to the Encyclopedia Britannica  only writing on Egyptian monuments should technically be called hieroglyphics but since the 19th century picture writing of other peoples has also been called hieroglyphics. 

petroglyphs hieroglyphic trail gold canyon

These ‘hieroglyphics’ are actually petroglyphs. The ancient Hohokam people carved images of people, antelope and snakes into the rocks. 

pools on hieroglyphic trail gold canyonThere are a couple of pools at the end of the trail which you can apparently swim in at certain times of the year. They looked pretty shallow and stagnant on our visit. There was a stream of water running down into the pool and it made a lovely trickling sound. The quiet was so nice. All we heard were the running water and birds. We did meet a few other hikers, but not many.

homeward on the hieroglyphic trail gold canyon arizona

On the way back down the trail Esther got her second wind and led the way. 

teddy bear chollas cactus hieroglyphic trail gold canyon arizonaWe noticed these teddy bear cholla cacti glowing in the sun. They get their name because of the fact that from a distance they look like fuzzy cuddly teddy bears. However they are really covered with silvery spines that are extremely painful if you get stuck with them. 

on the hieroglyphic trail gold canyon arizonaThe Hieroglyphic Trail was the perfect first hike in Arizona for 2013. 

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