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Christmas Works of Art

don's cardThis beautiful Christmas card features a landscape painted by our friend Don Hoeppner.  Don is a talented artist.  You can see more of his paintings here. cardsWe don’t get nearly as many Christmas cards as we once did.  I admit we don’t send any out ourselves anymore.  But some of the ones we did get, like the one above from Don and his wife Marlene are real works of art. estherThe ornaments on this card are handpainted water colors by my friend Esther.  She also wrote a poem inside about the friendship we share. wag christmas cardThis was the card I received from the education department leaders at the Winnipeg Art Gallery where I am employed.  It features a linocut stencil that is one of the earliest Inuit prints.  Jospeh Pootoogook from Cape Dorset did the drawing in 1958 and his son Kananginak made the print. debbie cardThis car was created by my friend Debbie.  She works at a scrapbooking and craft supply store and used different kinds of papers and lettering to design this beautiful card. 

Christmas cards are losing popularity as more and more people send their holiday greetings to one another via the internet.  I am glad we still get a few real cards.  Some of them are true works of art!

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