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Hammock Inspiration

dave in hammock fiji

Dave reading in a hammock in Fiji

The word hammockable (describing two trees that are the perfect distance apart between which a hammock can be hung) is not in the dictionary, but it should be. ― Dan Kieran

hammock borneo

Dave getting his hammock ready for a night in the Borneo rainforest 

An optimist is one who plants two acorns and buys a hammock -Jean De Lattre De Tassigny

hammock in merida mexico

Dave trying out a hammock in the home of a friend in Merida Mexico

While sleeping in a hammock……….. we remember why we are in love with life!― Mehmet Murat ildan

dave in hammock costa rica

Dave in a hammock in Monteverde Costa Rica

You should spend ten minutes everyday in a hammock unless you are too busy. Then you should spend an hour. Seth Haber

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