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My Grandpa – In the Middle

grandpa Henry, Daniel, Paul, Diedrich (grandpa), Cornie, John, Jake. They are lined up in order of age, oldest on the left. Grandpa was the last to go.My paternal grandfather Diedrich Peters was the middle brother. Here he is with his six brothers from left to right- oldest to youngest- Henry, Daniel, Paul, Diedrich(my grandfather) Cornie, John and Jake. My grandfather lived the longest.

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The Vomens

womens washroom sign

On our drive home from Saskatoon a couple of weeks ago we stopped in a small town for lunch. When I went to the restaurant washroom  this was the sign on the door.  It reminded me of my grandfather who I often heard refer to a group of women as ‘the vomens.’  He used the plural form of woman plus an added ‘s’.  Grandpa would claim that ‘the vomens’ in the family were in charge of things,  so his opinion didn’t matter. (He had a wife, five daughters and seven granddaughters.) In actual truth Grandpa was definitely the head of the house and most often had his way.  My Grandma did some ‘modest kicking up of her heels’ after he predeceased her and she could finally make her own decisions. 

Just for a minute outside that bathroom door in rural Saskatchewan I could hear Grandpa muttering with a smile, ‘the vomens are in charge’ and shaking his head.  The ‘vomens’ weren’t really in charge in Grandpa’s family and much as I’d like to see it happen ‘the vomens’ still aren’t really in charge of the world, as photos taken at the recent G20 summit in Australia indicates. 
Only three of the leaders were women. Something is very wrong with that picture. At least half of these world leaders should be women. Perhaps when ‘the vomens’ are in charge, or at least are equal partners in running the world, we will see some truly significant changes for the better.

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