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Dave Bends Over Backwards

waterfall laosAll the rushing water around here now that the snow is melting reminded me of a flooded path we encountered while attempting to hike up to a waterfall in Laos during our visit to that country. waterfall in laosNormally you can choose to hike up to the falls either using a tree lined forest path or a paved roadway. hiking through rushing water laosWe reached the foot of the hiking path and Dave offered to be the trailblazer. He’d forge on ahead and see if the forest path was feasible. 

walking through flood laosHe plowed forward for quite a while, gingerly lifting his shorts to keep them from getting wet.

dave rushing water laosIt wasn’t long however before he did an about turn, came back and suggested we use the paved roadway.waterfall laos

 We could hear the deafening roar of the water long before we reached the falls.

waterfall in laosThere was water cascading from about four different places high above. It came crashing and splashing down to the rocks below creating a fine but soaking mist. marylou in laosTraversing the bridge at the base of the falls you were guaranteed to get wet. 

taking photo at waterfall in laosI call this photo ‘Bending over Backwards’ and it makes me laugh. Dave doesn’t like to use the camera and I often have a hard time convincing him to take pictures of me. However when these two young and beautiful German girls requested that Dave snap a picture of them in front of the falls he couldn’t have been sweeter. I thought he might fall backwards over the bridge as he tried to get into just the right spot to take the perfect photo of them.

no swimming area laosThis rather cryptic sign says it all. The base of the falls was quite definitely a DO NOT SWIMMING AREA.

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