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What A Difference!

house in dominicalWe drove 48 miles and what a difference. One morning we were in Dominical Costa Rica in sweltering heat and by the afternoon we were in San Gerardo de Dota where the owners of the lodge where we are staying lit a fire before supper to warm us up.

fire in san geradoThe difference?  In San Gerardo we are at an elevation of 7000 feet and in Dominical on the beach our elevation was 25ft.river san gerado

Up till now in Costa Rica we’ve slept with the sound of the ocean surf or howler monkeys lulling us to sleep. Here in San Gerardo we hear the running of the Savegre River and in the morning the crowing of the roosters on the farms around us.
hiking in san geradoSan Gerardo de Dota isn’t really a town it is just a string of lodges each a short distance from each other in a deep valley surrounded by the towering Talamanca mountains.landscape san geradoThe landscape is very different from what we have experienced in Costa Rica so far. cloud forestThe San Gerardo area is called a cloud forest area because of the persistent cloud cover particularly at the canopy level. cloud forestBecause of their dampness cloud forests maintain an amazing biodiversity of plant and animal life. San Gerardo is known for its birds. 

lodge san gerado de dotaWe are staying at the El Manantial Mountain Lodge. A rustic beautiful place with simple delicious meals and friendly staff. el manatiel lodgeOur lodge is fairly isolated and nestled in the valley. sunny patio el manatielThere is a lovely sunny patio perfect for card game el manatielour late afternoon card gameshumming birdand for Dave to sit as often as he can to try to catch just the right shot of the many hummingbirds that haunt the porch. He’s got some great photos. 

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