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Road Trip

train on the prairieWe are on our long drive down to Arizona. We left early Friday morning and during the sunrise I noticed the silhouette of a train snaking its way across the southern Manitoba prairie.  I wondered if the train would reach its destination or be stopped by protesters expressing their dissent and concern with the government’s decision to build a pipeline in northern British Columbia.

real christians obey jesus' teachingsDriving through North Dakota we saw a huge billboard with a message in giant letters.  Real Christians Obey Jesus’ Teachings.  It made me wonder which teachings of Jesus the Americans who paid for the sign were talking about. Were they referring to………

Sell everything you own and give it to the poor.

Love your neighbour as yourself.

Let the children come to me.

Blessed are the peacemakers.

Obey Jesus’ Teachings– prophetic words I thought in a country where tax breaks for the rich are the order of the day, a wall is being built to keep out the neighbours to the south, refugee children are separated from their parents and locked up, and a huge percentage of the country’s budget goes to the military.

driving in south dakotaIn South Dakota there was a lot of blowing snow on long stretches of our route and even some drifts on the road.  Thankful I am married to a professional driver who was at the wheel and navigated us capably through the danger.

dave and marylouValentine’s Day was our first day on the road so as we drove we listened to two love stories on the podcast Heavy Weight.  One was about a suitcase full of love letters between a girl in Venezuela and a young man in the United States. The geographical and cultural divide between the two of them resulted in them marrying other people. Another story was about a couple who remained supportive friends throughout their lives but fate determined they never could marry.  Both stories were sad and had me in tears. I realized how fortunate I am that my own love story didn’t end that way.  

On our second day of driving, we were in Nebraska and had to slow down twice because wildlife was on the road, once a huge flock of wild turkeys and another time a herd of deer. Dave pointed out a trio of flying eagles and I spotted a number of what I think were rotund woodchucks.In Denver Colorado we enjoyed a great evening with two couples who were good friends of ours during the six years we taught in Hong Kong. 

This morning we hit the road again for the next phase of our journey. 

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