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Hiking Diamond Head

We hiked to the top of Oahu’s Diamond Head Crater. The trail was pretty steep but the view from the top was definitely worth it. Dave had an interesting start to the hike, when he met a student who had been in his class in his first year of teaching in Landmark, Manitoba nearly forty years ago. Dave thought he recognized him so called out his name, “Howard” and when the fellow stopped he recognized Dave right away too. We paused for a ‘catch-up’ chat. 

 My knee was a little wonky so Dave got way ahead of me. This allowed me to take some good photos of him from down below on the trail. There were tourists from all over the world hiking with us. 

 The Diamond Head crater was formed by a volcanic explosion 300,000 years ago and the trail up to the top which has over a 100 steps and a long dark tunnel to walk through was built by the army in the early 1900’s. The crater gets its name from the fact that British soldiers picked up some calcite crystals in the crater in the 1700’s and thought they were diamonds.

From the top of Diamond Head you can see the ocean…….

a lighthouse…………..

and the city of Honolulu

Dave got way ahead of me on the hike down as well, but he wasn’t bored waiting for me near the end of the trail. When I finally caught up with him he was deep in conversation about farming and professional sports with a corn and soy bean farmer from Indiana.

It was a very hot day so we shared one of Hawaii’s famous shaved ice cones at the end of the hike. We had a rainbow ice that featured coconut, pineapple and cherry flavors. It was a perfect ending to our hike.

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