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A Carol for the Sunrise

Sunrise Carol  by Daniel Elder


Sunrise at our friends’ cottage at Jessica Lake

Silence preceding the moment of morning,

dawn on the negev desert

Dawn on the Negev Desert in Israel

Nature is napping ere dawning of day,

sunrise praia da luz

Sunrise from our kitchen window in Praia da Luz Portugal

dim glow the stars after night sky adorning, 

taj mahal at dawn

Photo I took of the Taj Mahal at dawn

All Earth prepares to tuck twilight away.

Early morning light on the Johnson Trail in Utah

Last night we attended a concert called Mosaics performed by the Sonolux Choir at Young United Church.  One of the many beautiful songs they sang was Sunrise Carol by Daniel Elder.  I loved the words.  They reminded me of some of the sunrises I have watched. 

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