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Faith ABC’s

Sometimes Christianity feels like a party we haven’t been invited to.

If we deny a burden exists or that we need help lifting it; over time that weight pressing down on us can become intolerable.

It is a shame I don’t always practice what I preach but it would be a disaster if I only preached what I practiced.

We can’t just learn by ourselves, alone out under the stars.

Love of God and love of neighbour are like the longitude and latitude for locating the purpose of life. At their intersection is where I hope to live.

Those were some thought-provoking quotes from the book Letters of Faith by David Douglas. However I found its tone a little too filled with patent religiosity and I wished it had fewer platitudes and more questions. The book is divided into twenty-six sections. Each begins with several Scripture passages and includes a story and a reflection. The stories all come from a year the author spent working as a pastor in a coal mining area in the Appalachia forty years ago. The book does give some good insight into what life was like in that time and place for many people. They had what appears to be a simplistic faith but one strong enough to carry them through very tough times. The book made me start thinking about what I might choose as the ABCs of my own faith. 

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