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My Own Personal Travel Agent

dave planning our day in australiaI’m sorting through my photo libraries deleting thousands of pictures and I came across this gem taken one morning on a trip to Australia in 2010. Dave is planning our route for the day, pouring over maps, guidebooks and brochures to figure out what we want to see and where we want to go.  On this trip as on all our other travel adventures he had made all the arrangements for accommodations, rental cars, flights, and excursions.  He had done his research so we would spend time in three very different parts of Australia during our two weeks there. 

I know how very lucky I am to have my own personal trip planner who has organized the adventures that have taken us all over the world.  

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Let’s Play Ball

We were in St. George Utah last week because…….my husband Dave was playing ball in the Huntsman World Senior Games an international sporting competition for people over the age of 50.   Some of my blog readers have been anxiously waiting to hear news about the Manitoba team Dave competed with in the games. Although my varied blog posts from Utah so far might give you the idea I wasn’t taking my husband’s athletic endeavors seriously nothing could be further from the truth.  I was at every single game cheering him on. I took lots of photos. The team competed at three different softball complexes each with multiple diamonds and great views of the stunning Utah scenery.  

Dave receiving his silver medal

They played eight games and ended up the silver medalists in their division which was for players 65 years and older.

Silver medal champions

 It was interesting that many of the teams in their division were from Canada.  They played against squads from Ontario, Alberta and Newfoundland as well as teams from Washington, California and Utah. The weather was certainly variable during the games.  Everything from blazing heat which had us fans scrambling to find shady trees to sit under to watch the action, to freezing cold days when we shivered in the stands despite wearing multiple layers of clothing.  One day it rained for more than an hour solid right before our game but cleared up just as we took to the field. Some of the games were very close and exciting and victories were determined only in the last inning.  I enjoyed watching the umpires in action.  Each had their own unique style and technique.  I also enjoyed visiting with fans and players from other teams. I bought cookies from a group of kids who told me the story of their cousin who has cancer.  They were raising money for his medical care with their bake sale.  I visited with a woman from Toronto who has been at the seniors games with her husband seventeen years in a row. I spent an hour-long rainstorm huddled under a canteen overhang with a ball player from Texas, who was a Vietnam vet and professional rodeo rider.  His life story was fascinating.  The ball games were also fascinating in their own way because all the players no matter their age were there to showcase their skills, challenge themselves physically, engage in healthy exercise, participate in some good competition and have fun. 

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A Ball Player For Life

league champsMy husband Dave’s season of ball with the Manitoba Senior Slow Pitch Tournament League is over and his Eastman team has emerged champions.  Normally that would mean that Dave’s Monday and Wednesday mornings could now be devoted to pickle ball instead of soft ball but….. this year he is also playing in an international tournament in Utah in October so some of his pickle ball games will have to be prempted for practices to prepare for that big event.   Dave has been playing ball since he was about four years old and was part of the Sunday School league at his church in Leamington Ontario.   That’s about sixty years of the sport and if he keeps this up someday it might even be seventy!

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Jon Saved Dave’s Life

dave and jon

Dave with Jon at his wedding in Denver in 2013

Our friend Jon was visiting us in Winnipeg this week and he saved my husband’s life. 

dave and jon hainan

Dave and Jon golfing on Hainan Island

Jon and Dave were at a Goldeyes Baseball Game on Sunday afternoon when a foul ball came screaming into the stands headed right for Dave’s face.  Jon put up his hands and caught the ball saving Dave from a broken nose for sure, but perhaps a fate even worse. He had bruises on his hand as evidence of his daring save.  Thanks Jon. 

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Dave is 65

My husband Dave is celebrating his 65th birthday today. He’s changed lots in physical ways over the years as these pictures attest, but his sense of humour, his love of adventure, his avid interest in so many different things, his vast network of friendships and his love for his family has stayed the same.

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He’s In A Blues Band

I’ll Fly Away, Keep on the Sunny SideThe Cat Came BackRed River Valley and In the Sweet Bye and Bye were just a few of the favorites performed by the Festival Band on Sunday.  My husband Dave was part of a blues band that provided entertainment for our church’s community picnic.

500 invitations had been distributed to people in the neigborhood and so the band had a good sized audience to listen to the tunes they had been practicing for many weeks. One night they even rehearsed in our condo so I got a sneak preview.  Dave played guitar and harmonica and lent his fine bass voice to the group.  

The band wasn’t the only entertainment.  We had face painters, a bouncy castle, shuffle board, a magician, balloon animal making and a bubble blowing station.   The weather was fine. There were hot dogs, salads, icecream and of course…….. what no reputable  Mennonite church picnic can do without……. watermelon and rollkuchen.  

I’ve already heard calls for more performances by the Festival Band.  Who knows?  Dave may just be on his way to another career to add to the ever growing list of jobs he’s been exploring in his retirement. 

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A New Sport For Dave

pickle-ball-daveMy husband Dave had tried the game of pickle ball once or twice before coming here to Arizona but now he’s joined a community league and he plays virtually every day for two hours or more.  He wasn’t sure about investing money in a pickle ball paddle till he knew if he really liked the game. Our Steinbach friend Ric who spends half the year here in Arizona came to his aid . Ric wasn’t using his pickle ball paddle due to an athletic injury and said Dave could borrow his.  Dave contacted the local  pickle ball coordinator on-line and the first week we were here he hit the courts.  dave-plays-pickle-ballI love hearing his stories about the various players every time he comes home.  He is making lots of new friends from all over Canada and the United States and is really having fun. pickle-ball-court-dave-azThe other night he actually went to a sports store to look for a paddle of his own to take back home.  A couple from Winnipeg plays regularly in his Arizona group and they have invited him to join a league in St. Boniface that meets at a facility not too far from our home.  az-pickle-ballDave doesn’t really need another sport to get involved in but there is not doubt he’s a life-long athlete as the shots in this post attest to.  I had to take them through the wire mesh around the courts but I think they still give you a pretty good idea of just how much he’s enjoying his new sport. dave-pickle-ball-friendsOther posts……….

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Dave Driedger Wildlife Photographer- Vote For Your Favourite

dave-photographerHe’s going crazy! Dave doesn’t usually like taking photos. But since we arrived here in Dominical Costa Rica he’s been grabbing the camera excitedly to photograph all the wild life around us. Here are a few of his shots. He’d love it if some of his bird watching friends could help him identify the birds.  A couple of these photos were taken in the Manuel Antonio Wildlife Park and on the Dominicalito beach but most were photographed from the balcony of the  house we are renting in the Canto del Mar (Song of the Sea) neighbourhood.  It is surrounded by trees with a panoramic view of the ocean. 







yellow bird-costa-rica






scarlet-bird costa rica



10.bird on palm costa rica

I don’t want to overwhelm you with too many of Dave’s growing cache of Costa Rica wildlife photos, so I’ll whet your appetite with these and I’ll publish more in a future post. Why not let Dave know which photo you like the best by replying to this post and saying which numbered photo is your favourite? 

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Dave’s Christmas Orchestral Debut

One Christmas in Hong Kong Dave was a guest reader at our school Christmas concert.  He read The Night Before Christmas while the middle school orchestra played an accompainment.  Click on the picture below to listen. Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 1.37.26 PM

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Golfers with an Artistic Side

dave singsMy husband Dave wrote a song last Monday. He performed it at a season wind-up with the group of guys he golfs with every week in summer.  He set his song to the tune of a Waylon Jennings hit Mama Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys.  The chorus of Dave’s song went……….

Ladies just let your husbands go out and go golfing

 Don’t give em a list of long chores to do

Just let em golf and know they love you

Ladies just let your husbands go out and go golfing

They’ll play 18 holes and have a few drinks

Then crawl back in bed beside you.


dave-guitarFor the golf wind-up Dave wrote a song. One golfer told jokes. Another read poetry he had written. Two  played guitars and another entertained us both on his accordion and at the piano. One whirled his wife across the living room floor to show off his dance skills. Dave and his golf buddies are talented athletes out on the greens and fairways but last Monday night they showed us they had an artistic side too.  

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