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Have You Heard of Them?

This past week I have been preparing for a speaking engagement in the fall which will focus on women in the Bible. These are women who many people may have never heard of.  Women like………free-bible-images-jehosheba1.png

Jehosheba who was a sister to King Ahaziah of Israel.  When her brother died their mother Athaliah ordered all her grandsons to be executed so she could claim the throne for herself. Jehosheba spirited one of her nephews, one year old Jehoash away and saved his life. She hid him in the temple for six years. 


Huldah who was a prophetess and helped raise King Josiah of Israel.  When he was reigning as king he ordered a temple restoration during which an old Torah scroll was found.  It was the prophetess Huldah Josiah consulted on what the words in the scroll meant for him and his people.  He respected Huldah’s advice and insight. It inspired him to begin a spiritual renewal amongst his people. 

daughters of zelophead

The Daughters of Zelophead were five sisters who were about to lose their father’s inheritance because they had no brothers.  They had the courage to approach Moses to ask him to change a law that didn’t allow women to inherit their father’s property.  Moses changed the law because of their request and that decision made a difference for many other women who also found themselves in the same position as the Daughters of Zelophead. 

Golden_Haggadah_Pharaoh_and_the_Midwives public domain

Pharoah and the Midwives from the Golden Haggadah- Catalonia- early 14th century

Shiprah and Puah acted as midwives for the women of Israel who were slaves in Egpyt. The Pharoah told them they must kill all male babies they helped deliver. Shiprah and Puah did not obey him and when Pharoah confronted them about it they lied to him.  Together the two midwives saved many children’s lives. 

I am really looking forward to learning more about other women in the Bible whose stories were rarely heard in the past. 

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