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Graduation Photo- Dad’s Treasures

dad's graduating class

The 1959 medical school graduating class from the University of Manitoba. My Dad Paul Peters is sitting the farthest right in the front row right beside his good friend Al Propp who would later join Dad’s practice in Steinbach.

When I went to visit my Dad last week he was looking through a book assembled in 2009 for the 50th anniversary of his medical school graduating class from the University of Manitoba in 1959.  It included this photo taken at the gala celebration staged for the graduation.  What struck me most about the photo was that only one woman graduated in 1959. Now, some sixty years later nearly 60% of family physicians in Canada under the age of 40 are women. A growing body of research shows that female physicians care for their patients in ways that leave them more satisfied and with better health outcomes.  I wonder how that lone woman felt in that sea of men in 1959.  She was a pioneer.  

Dad was a much-beloved and respected family physician in Steinbach for more than four decades and by the time he retired from the profession, he did have several female colleagues. 

mom and dad at dad's graduation

Mom and Dad ready to head for Dad’s graduation party. My mother was all dressed up and looked so glamorous to my five-year-old eyes.

I was five years old at the time of my Dad’s graduation and I still remember the beautiful dress my mother wore to the party where the photo above was taken.  She and Dad had been living on the proverbial shoestring to get Dad through school.  Dad worked all kinds of part-time jobs as a train porter and a cab driver while he studied.  Mom helped bring in money by running a boarding house for university students, doing the cooking, cleaning and laundry for them, all the while caring for her three children plus another little girl, the daughter of a nurse who was single parenting and needed child care.  Although Mom isn’t in the graduation class photo she was an invaluable partner in my Dad’s achievement in 1959. 

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Dad’s Treasures – Part 4- A Fern

As my father and I surveyed the things in his current apartment wondering what he might keep as he prepares to move to a smaller living space he asked me to take a photo of one of his treasured possessions this gorgeous fern that was a favourite of my mother’s. He is not sure it will fit into his new quarters.

fern flowers

Close-up of the tiny flowers on the fern. 

Very occasionally this fern blooms with lovely little white flowers.  The most recent time it bloomed was after my first granddaughter was born at the beginning of April.  Dad said just after I called him to tell him about his great granddaughter’s birth, and the fact that she would share her second name Marie with my mother, he noticed that the fern was in bloom.  He thought of it as a sign from my mother who died in 2013 that somehow she knew about the arrival of her new great-granddaughter and was delighted that they shared a name.

Hopefully, we will be able to find room in Dad’s new living space for this verdant plant that he feels provides a living kind of connection with my Mom.

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