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A Curling Champion Again

The only sport in which I have ever won a trophy is in curling.  In grade ten I curled in an extra-curricular school league with three guys who were all excellent curlers.  I played lead and we walked away with the championship at the end of the year. So I always feel good about stepping back out onto the curling ice.  It is one sport where I kind of know what I am doing.  

bethel curling crewLast Sunday our church had a curling match at the Granite Curling Club with ten teams participating.  I was paired up with three guys again and we managed to win our game by just one point.  I made some pretty good shots! In a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship both teams posed for a photo together at the end of our game. It was fun to be out on the curling ice again and it brought back good memories of my highschool curling days. 

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Back on the Ice

The only sports trophy I’ve ever won was for curling. In grade nine I played lead on a team with three young men all expert curlers, in our school’s intermural curling league. We won the league and I was awarded a small wooden trophy with a little silver curling stone on it.
curling teamOn Sunday my church held a triathlon -a ping pong tournament,  followed by a curling game at the Granite Curling Club and finished off with faspa (for my non-Mennonite readers this is a Low-German Mennonite word for a small lunch on Sunday afternoons). My husband Dave signed me up for his curling team and we won our game. It was fun to be back out on the ice and Dave said I even made a couple of good shots. 

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