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Mailboxes of Distinction

On Tuesday my sister Kaaren and  I went on a 20 kilometre bike ride. Along our route Kaaren spotted some unique mailboxes. “You should do a blog about interesting mailboxes”, she said. I thought it was a great idea. 

Yesterday our hosts Rudy and Sue, took Kaaren and me on an hour-long drive around the Gold Canyon area near Phoenix where they live, to show us the many different kinds of homes in the community. Our drive turned into a treasure hunt of sorts for unique mailboxes. Once we started looking for them we saw many more than the three or four Kaaren and I had spotted on our bike ride. Rudy patiently stopped and pulled the car into position so I could take photos of each one. 

I’d like to go back at night to take a picture of this mailbox when its strings of lights are illuminated. 

Although totem poles are the work of Pacific Northwest Indian tribes my sister spied a totem pole that housed a mailbox in our southwestern locale. 

Here a coyote howls at the desert moon. The moon sports a mailbox at its tip. Perhaps the coyote is howling because it is sad that the house on his yard had been (according to a nearby sign) repossessed by the bank. 

Although most of the cows in Arizona are beef cattle this house had a Holstein dairy cow for a mailbox. 

The pottery on this mailbox stone reminded me of the original pieces given to me as gifts by my friends and students when we taught on the Hopi Indian Reservation. 

This mailbox featured geckos and a symbol I saw often on Hopi art pieces, the humpbacked flute player, or kokopelli. 

This mailbox served double duty. It was a weather vane as well, although in Phoenix where the weather is warm and sunny 300 days of the year, a weather vane might not be a necessity. 

Now here’s a lucky mailbox. It is supported by a cactus sculpture made out of painted horseshoes. 

It was interesting to see a nautical mailbox with pier posts and rope in the middle of the desert in landlocked Arizona. 

This homeowner had found a creative way to use a dead and dried out cactus plant. 

A dog stands watch under this mailbox, protecting the owner’s land and trailer. 

This mailbox pays tribute to the saguaro cacti which are a staple landscape feature  here in Gold Canyon. 

I’m sure now that I’m looking for them I’ll find many more interesting mailboxes here in Arizona where mailboxes can certainly be a work of art. 

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