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Apple Pie, Comic Stories and Fresh Air in a Time of COVID-19

The getaway car just after delivering some pie to our condo doorstep

Yesterday morning our friends Jim and Bonny provided curbside drop off of two pieces of scrumptious apple pie.

This card came with the pie. You can tell our friend Jim is artistic and has a sense of humour as well. Check out his various designs for the coronavirus and his message not to drink Clorox

Then Bonny and Jim were off to do similar drop-offs at the homes of three other couples who are all part of a small group of friends that formed because of a church connection nearly two decades ago.

Some of our small group at one of our get-togethers last year

Many changes have happened in the meantime, but we are still gathering regularly. 

Dave and I are ready to zoom. 

We had a Zoom meeting set up for last night and Jim decided to bake a pie and deliver pieces to the other four households so we could all be eating apple pie as we visited. All ten of us managed to get on Zoom for a nice long conversation. 

Our group some 15 years ago at a lakeside cottage

Jim’s pie was fabulous as was the chance to be together with long time friends even though it was done virtually.

As my regular blog readers know one of my isolation projects is working my way through the lessons in the Lynda Barry book Making Comics.  My assignment last week was to take a character I had created the week before and have them star in a four-section comic. So I took Opal the Opera singer and did a little story of her swallowing a fly. I also used my character Henry the Hairdresser to tell a story about getting a COVID haircut.

Our book club in Hong Kong. Our friend Leigh who is eating peach cobbler rather than holding a book lives in Lima Peru now

A friend, former colleague and fellow book club member living in Lima, Peru posted on Facebook yesterday that even though it hasn’t been officially sanctioned yet parents are starting to take their children outside on playgrounds for short periods of time. She said after spending forty-one days cooped up in their apartment her daughter ran around in the fresh air of a small park as if her life depended on it.  According to the Washington Post  Peru is experiencing a devastating outbreak of coronavirus despite early aggressive measures to stop the spread. 

Seeing the musical We Will Rock You in Hong Kong. Our friends Erik and Heather who live in Saudia Arabia now are the second couple to the left

In Saudi Arabia, other friends have been on a 24 hour a day lockdown.  They report the only time they managed to get some fresh air was when the fire alarm went off in their home, forcing them outside for a bit.  The round the clock curfew has now been eased in some places in the country according to Reuters news service. 

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Swimming Down a Different Canal, After the Storm, Old Friends and Inspiration from Young Educators

Dad and me with the globe we gave him on his birthday some thirty-five years ago. Dad has interesting ways of describing what’s going on in the world right now. 

Like many of us when we grow older my Dad often has to search for just the right word to describe things. I think Dad has always fancied himself a wordsmith and when he had to write a speech for any occasion he usually did so with the dictionary open beside him. I suspect he also used the dictionary when writing the very poetic and sometimes difficult to discern messages of advice he always included in our Christmas cards. Now, Dad finds it a struggle to look things up in the dictionary but his penchant for describing things in unique ways has not changed.  This weekend while talking about our current world situation he said,  “Well MaryLou we are certainly swimming down a different canal right now.”    Yes, Dad. You are right. We most certainly are. 

CBS’s Sunday morning did a documentary yesterday on Kadir Nelson whose work frequently makes the cover of magazines like The New Yorker. Nelson just won the 2019 Caldecott medal for children’s literature for his illustrations in the book The Undefeated. He has created a new artwork that shows people after the pandemic is over. It is called After the Storm.

After the Storm by Kadir Nelson- from the CBS website

Look at how the marvellously diverse people in the painting all have their eyes focused on something ahead of them and how they are all touching one another in various ways. Will the pandemic help to unite us and force us to focus on the things that are vital to creating a bright future for our world? 

 Kadir Nelson’s painting reminds me of a painting by Norman Rockwell called The Golden Rule which graced the cover of the Saturday Evening Post in April of 1961. Rockwell reminds us that no matter our differences we should treat others the way we want to be treated. 

Mural on the wall of one of the schools I visit.

I have been busy reading the papers and assignments my student teachers had to submit to me in lieu of their practicum placements in classrooms during the months of March and April.  I have found so many pearls of wisdom in these young educators’ reflections. 

“If kids are hungry or they don’t feel safe they can’t learn.

“COVID-19 has made me aware that not all students have access to technology at home and that is making it hard for them to keep up with school work right now.” 

“I’ve learned that teaching children about mindfulness and meditation can make a difference in how they handle things.”

“I’ve developed this real passion for teaching in the inner city and I wasn’t expecting that.” 

” If you give kids choices instead of always telling them what to do they will feel more responsible for their own behaviour.” 

” I love my students and I am so sad I won’t get to see them again before the school year is over.  I didn’t even have a chance to say good-bye to them.” 

Our small group in 2016

We have been in a friendship group with four other couples for decades.  Our group began at a church we all used to attend. Dave and I are trying to connect with one of the couples each week to see how they are doing.  On Saturday we had a great visit with our friends who are isolating on their country property and having some interesting encounters with skunks.  We used to stage an annual lawn dart competition at this couple’s home and while cleaning up their shed they had found some posters celebrating the winners of those tournaments.  It was nice to reminisce about old times and catch up on what’s going on in our lives right now. 

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