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Party On

One of the things I love about the holiday season is the many festive gatherings that are part of the celebrations.  All those good times with friends and family are an important reminder of the way our lives are enriched by relationships but they can also be tiring.t-4s christmasOne of my first Christmas celebrations was with a group of wonderful women who are former teaching colleagues of mine.  We meet regularly to visit and have good times together. Here we are in my friend Debbie’s lovely heritage home in Steinbach which she had beautifully decorated for the season. 

We also had a delicious supper of avocado salad, salmon in puff pastry and decadent chocolate cake courtesy of our friends Bonny and Jim. They hosted a Christmas evening for a group of five couples from our former church in Steinbach that has met for more than two decades. We always have a delightful time catching up on our lives during our regular get togethers. golf group christmasThis may look like a musical band to you but it is really a crew of eight men who hit the links with my husband once a week during the golf season. Just so happens there are lots of talented artistic types in the group so our annual Christmas parties to which partners are invited include a sing a long and dramatic readings penned by some of the golfers. Another musical party happened as a part of my husband’s Men of Song concert a week ago.  He is a member of a male choir at our church and after their annual Christmas performance we had a party that included partners and a potluck of delicious Christmas nibbles brought by the choir members. writing groupMy writers’ group had our holiday bash at Jodi’s festive home with Christmas treasures waiting to be discovered in every corner, one of the most beautiful trees I have ever seen, and a charming miniature winter village twinkling in the candlelight.  These talented and generous people have taught me soooooo much about writing for children. I admire each and every one and am so fortunate to be part of their group. Here we are ‘hamming it up’ for the camera in the photo booth at the Christmas party for Birchwood Motors where my husband is a part time employee.  The party was at the Winnipeg Convention Centre and over a thousand people were in attendance. 

I had a fun time with my work colleagues in the education department at the Winnipeg Art Gallery at our holiday party.  We exchanged gifts of things that we no longer needed in our homes, had pizza and salad courtesy of our department administration and enjoyed sweet treats we had all brought to share. 

A Christmas gathering with friends young and old at our house last Sunday.

Now that Christmas is almost here the number of holiday events will intensify. We have guests coming over or we are going somewhere every day for the next two weeks.    I’m taking a deep breath and getting ready to enjoy each day and each person, trying to remember in the hustle and bustle of it all that I am blessed beyond measure to have so many people in my life to care about and who care about me.    

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