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A Chicken Soup Story For Mothers Day

Years ago someone critiquing my writing style told me I should try to make my pieces less “chicken soupy”.   That critic was right on the money.  My writing does have a certain “chicken soupy”  quality and to prove it I’ve just had my fourth story published in one of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series. 

This time my story is in a book called My Amazing Mom and I’ve written a story about my own amazing mother.  I am grateful to my Mom for so many things but my story is about the wise and gentle way she introduced my sister and me to the ‘facts of life’ by reading us the book Susie’s Babies which tells the story of a mother hamster giving birth.   My sister and I were ages nine and seven at the time and after she read us the book Mom told us she was going to have a baby too and we could ask her any questions about it we wanted to.  She also explained what would happen to us as we became young women .  It wasn’t till I was older that I realized not nearly all mothers in the 1960s were so open and honest with their daughters and how very lucky I was to have a mother who was.   

I enjoy writing Chicken Soup stories and usually have at least one I’m in the process of working on.  Not all of them make the cut from the thousands submitted for each book, but Susie’s Babies is the fourth one that has and that’s enough to keep me penning in my “chicken soupy” style. 

You can buy the books from Simon and Shuster   or Amazon   or Barnes and Noble 

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In Chicken Soup Again

volunteering-chicken-soupA story of mine is in a new Chicken Soup for the Soul book about volunteering.  I wrote a memoir about the two years I volunteered at the Winnipeg Art Gallery. Shortly after I submitted my piece I became an employee at the art gallery. Getting a job is only one of the many positive things that happened to me because of my volunteering in the gallery’s school programs division and in my latest “chicken-soupy” story I explore the ways my stint as an art gallery volunteer enriched my life. 

chicken-soup-bookEach Chicken Soup book contains one hundred and one stories chosen from thousands that are submitted. This is the third time I’ve had one of my stories selected. As in the past besides my writing cheque I’ve received 10 copies of the book. I never know what to do with all my copies( I think my kids are getting tired of seeing them in their Christmas stockings) so if you’d like one let me know and I’ll see that you get it. 

If you are interested in submitting a story for a future Chicken Soup book you can get all the information here. 

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I’m In the Latest Chicken Soup Book

Chicken Soup O Canada The Wonders of WinterI took a picture of the latest Chicken Soup book on the shelf at McNally Robinson Book Store in Winnipeg. It is called Chicken Soup for the Soul: O Canada The Wonders of Winter:101 Stories about Bad Weather, Good Times and Great Sports. There is a story I wrote on page 252 called Above and Beyond.  It is about a bitterly cold day when the locks on my van froze and a very kind car salesman came to my rescue.  As part of my payment I received ten copies of the book.  Contact me if you’d like one. If I don’t give them all away my family knows what’s going to be one of the gifts in their stockings this Christmas. 

I Canada Wonders of Winter Chicken Soup BookThe Chicken Soup books are a bit of a  phenomena. The original book was rejected by 140 publishers before finally going into print in 1993. Twenty years later there are 100 million copies of the series in 54 languages. The books are distributed by Simon and Schuster. 

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