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Game Changers-The Printing Press and the I-Pad

I was at a journalism conference yesterday that examined the rapid changes happening in the way people get information and news. To open the day we were shown this video about a monk making the big switch from scrolls to books.

We were told that when Gutenberg invented the printing press it caused revolutionary change in so many areas of life in such a short period of time that all of society was thrown into upheaval.  Writer Neal Postman observes that “fifty years after the press was invented, more than eight million books had been printed, almost all of them filled with information that had previously been unavailable to the average person.”

The conference moderator had chosen this video called The Magazine is an I-Pad That Does Not Work to end the day.  It shows  a little girl trying to read magazines and having all kinds of trouble because she is used to interacting with screens instead of  printed material.  We were told that even computers are on their way out. Mobile units we carry will soon be the way almost all information is transmitted to us.

Just as the Gutenberg Press was considered revolutionary so the digital age is causing revolutionary change in many areas of life in a very short period of time. Will we mourn those changes or embrace them? 

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