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Eight Tone Bells, A Choir Director From Winnipeg, Servanthood and Women

dave-in-churchWhen we were in Quebec City we attended Sunday service at The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. They have eight bells in their church tower to announce the start of worship and each bell plays a different note on the scale. Give a listen by clicking the picture below.cathedral-of-the-holy-trinity

The choir director at Holy Trinity is Sandra Bender and her first job was conducting a young adult choir at First Mennonite Church in Winnipeg. 

choir-cathedral-of-the-holy-trinityThe sermon by Dean Christian Schreiner was given the day before Canada went to the polls. We were encouraged to pick the candidate on the ballot who was most likely to be a ‘servant’ and truly the serve the people he or she were elected to represent. 

anglican-female-priestsI was drawn to this plaque in the foyer. It reminded me that my generation grew up without ever seeing a woman pastor in a church.  I’m so glad that isn’t the case anymore. 

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