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Self Care- What I Think It Is For Me

What are the things you do to make your day better?  I follow the blog of Canadian writer Carrie Snyder and she did a post where she reminded readers to take care of themselves.  She said……..
Recognize what feeds you, what makes you feel good, what makes you feel cared for and loved, what challenges you to be your better self. Recognize it. And do it. I know this isn’t realistic advice for everyone. I know not everyone has support or financial resources or time. Maybe you’re in a whirl of despair or depression. This will sound naive and blinkered, this advice. Or maybe you’ve already figured all of this out!
What’s your recipe for self-care? What are the things you do that make your day better?

(I have been working hard on a writing assignment for the last week and my self-care has gone awry. I’ve had this post saved for a while and today seemed like a good day to publish it as a reminder to myself. )

Here’s what I think daily self-care looks like for me. 


Riding bike in Central Park

1. Getting  exercise.


2. Eating moderately and healthily. 

3. Reading something new.

4. Writing something new.

My brother and I sharing a coffee in Hong Kong

5. Connecting with  family members 

6. Having my surroundings organized. 

7. Doing something good for someone else however small. 

8. Prayer


Getting ready to swim with the manatees in Florida

9. Learning or doing something new.

10. Receiving some sort of affirmation. 

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