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Dave Considers Becoming A Dog Walker

We began our second day here in beautiful Canmore with a long walk in the chilly morning air. When you are staying in a household with two dogs getting them outdoors for some exercise is the top priority. After breakfast, we hit the trails gorgeous with autumn colours to take Archer and Josie the two dogs that belong to our niece and her fiancé for a walk.

Dave decided to try his hand at walking the dogs, first with Archer the puppy and then with Josie the older dog as well.

The dogs really responded well to him and he managed to keep them on course even though both have a tendency to want to venture off the path to chase squirrels and rabbits and birds and could get a little excited when we met other dogs.

Even when we spotted a herd of elk on a neighbourhood soccer field Dave kept the dogs in hand.

Our niece told Dave dogwalkers typically make twenty dollars an hour. Since Dave lost his job as a driver for a car dealership during the pandemic, he has been thinking about trying a different sort of part-time employment. He may have found it.

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Welcome to Canmore

Going for an autumn walk in Canmore Alberta

We arrived in Canmore yesterday afternoon. We are staying at the home of our niece Olivia and her fiancé Miche.

Olivia and Miche share their home with two dogs Archer and Josie

The view from their home is spectacular and they took us for a walk near sunset to explore some of the trails that begin just at the end of their street.

By the Bow River in Canmore Alberta

We hiked along the Bow River which begins in the Rocky Mountains, winds through Alberta, joins the Oldman River, then the South Saskatchewan River, then the Nelson River, and eventually flows into Hudson Bay. Quite a journey!

In the distance behind Dave, you can see The Three Sisters

On our walk, we could see The Three Sisters, a trio of mountains initially dubbed The Three Nuns in 1883 by someone who saw the three mountains capped with snow and thought they resembled nuns in white veils.

George Dawson, a Canadian geologist, and surveyor renamed them The Three Sisters in 1886. They are individually known as Big Sister (2,936 meters), Middle Sister (2,769 meters), and Little Sister (2,694 meters). Dawson also referred to them as Faith, Hope, and Charitya Biblical reference about the three most important things in life found in 1 Corinthians 13.

The people of the Stoney Nakoda call the peaks The Three Sisters in their language but that name comes from a story about an old man who would promise three sisters in marriage whenever he was in trouble.

We walked by this old railway bridge. Coal mining began in Canmore in 1887 and by the time of World War I the mines in the area were producing 5 million tons of coal annually. Gradually the industry waned and the last local coal mine closed in 1979. There are still ongoing efforts to repair the environmental damage the mines caused to the area.

The railroad bridge was built in the 1890s to link the Canmore mining area to the main Canadian Pacific line.

Our walk worked up our appetites for the delicious lasagna supper Olivia had made. Tomorrow night we hear Miche is cooking. Our niece and her fiancé are both professional chefs. How lucky can we be to have them as our hosts in Canmore?

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