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Ten Things About The Tulum Ruins in Mexico

1. The Tulum ruins are located along the Caribbean Sea.

2.  Tulum was occupied by a little over a thousand people from 1200-to the mid 1500’s. 

3. Tulum was protected on the seaside by tall cliffs and on the land side by a 5 meter high wall.  

4. Tulum was a trading seaport- a hub for the obsidian trade. Salt and textiles were imported and feathers and copper exported. 

5. Three main temples dominate the site- The Temple of the Frescoes, Temple of the Descending God and God of the Winds Temple.

6. Tulum was one of the last cities built and inhabited by the Mayans.

7. The architecture of the buildings in Tulum resembles what can be found in other Mayan cities like Chichen Itza.

8.Tulum was conquered by the Spanish and the citizens died from diseases the Europeans introduced. 

9. Two British explorers John Stephens and Frederick Catherwood first wrote about Tulum in 1843 in their book Incidents of Travel in Yucatan. dave at tulum

10. Tulum is one of the most visited tourist spots in Mexico. 

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Lifestyles of the Rich

The resort where we are staying in Cancun Mexico offered two free golf games at its very nice course if we agreed to tour the newest rooms added to the resort. It was a deal my golf loving husband couldn’t pass up. Consequently we got an up close and personal view of the latest luxury suite at the resort. You can reserve a room there for one week of the year for only a $300,000 investment and a cool $5000 or so a night whenever you use it. A bargain our salesperson told us because a similar suite in Las Vegas would run some $15,000 a night.  You get your own personal little office.

Five bedrooms each with their own ensuite and hot tub that sleep at least twelve guests comfortably and privately. Each bedroom has its own sitting area and big screen television.You not only get this diningroom but your own personal chef and serving personell. 

You have your own personal masseuse and driver at your beck and call and a nanny for your children. There’s a movie screening room.

A gaming table area.

Your own pool table. And your own private pool and barbeque area. 

The view from the balcony isn’t shabby either. And who would be rich enough to afford all this? Apparently plenty of folks. This suite isn’t even finished and already seven people have plunked down their $300,000 and are ready to pay $5,000 a night to spend time there. 

The whole thing seemed a bit surreal. What would it be like to live like that? Tomorrow we head out to the golf course. Hopefully we’ll have a good round. 

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