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Industrial Doilies

oil drum skeletal red map cal laneIndustrial doilies.  That’s what some people call Canadian artist Cal Lane’s pieces.  Her work Oil Drum Skeletal Red Map is now on display at the Winnipeg Art Gallery as part of an exhibit called Ways of Seeming.  Like most of her sculptures this one is made from repurposed steel. Cal used a welding torch to turn an old oil can into this delicate lacy map.  Cal dissected the can and rolled it open. She’s kept the two ends of the barrel as well and has made the North and South poles with them. 

Cal Lane panty tank-smCal uses not only old oil cans, but old shovels and wheelbarrows and other steel objects to create her art. cal_lane_art

 Oil Drum Skeletal Red Map is a piece that can hold your attention for a long time because there are so many interesting things to see in Cal’s intricate lacy designs. lane oil drum map

It is going to be a fun “I Spy” piece to examine with children. skeletal map cal lane

detail red map landNote:  For younger blog readers who may not know what a doily is- it’s a small ornamental lacy piece of fabric that is often placed beneath something.  Doilies were very popular sixty or seventy years ago. My grandmothers both made doilies and had them scattered on various pieces of furniture around their homes.

grandma's embroidery

An embroidery and lace doily made by my grandmother Margaretha Peters

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