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Butterfly Wonderland

butterfliesThere are 28,000 species of butterflies. 

butterfly wonderlandButterflies live everywhere in the world except Antarctica. monarch butterfly

Those are just a few of the interesting things we learned at the Butterfly Wonderland in Phoenix.  3D glassesWe started our visit by donning 3D glasses and watching a film about the amazing migration of monarch butterflies. That migration spans a year and takes three generations of butterflies to complete. 

butterflies hatchingAfter the film we went into a gallery where we could watch butterflies hatching from their chrysalises.atriumThe highlight of the visit was spending time in this atrium where there were hundreds of thousands of butterflies each more beautiful than the other dave taking picsYou wanted to take photos of them all. butterfly wonderlandWe learned there are representations of butterflies in frescoes from Thebes in Egypt that are 3,500 years old.
butterfly wonderlandMost butterflies only live for two weeks.monarch butterfliesButterflies bodies are covered with scales that create the beautiful colors and patterns you see. butterflies eatingButterflies taste with their feet, smell with their antennae and have no teeth. butterfly world phoenixSkipper butterflies can fly up to 37 miles per hour. aquarium butterfly wonderflandButterfly Wonderland also had an aquarium. touching a sting rayAnd a tank where you could touch a stingray. butterfly wonderflandButterfly Wonderland was definitely worth the visit.  

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Dave Driedger- Nature Photographer

dave photographerCould this be my husband?  Normally my husband Dave doesn’t like to take photos.  I have to beg or blackmail him to do so.  However on our visit to Butterfly Wonderland here in Phoenix he said wistfully as he watched people snapping photos of breathtakingly beautiful butterflies, “I wish I had a camera.”  What could I do?  dave photographerI turned over the camera to him and watched him at work for the next forty five minutes or so.  The pictures in this post were all taken by him. butterfly butterfly wonderland phoenix

yellow butterfly butterfly wonderland phoenix

moth butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

butterfly wonderland phoenix

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