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It’s Burger Week

Winnipeg’s Burger Week for 2018 ends today.  We were pretty busy so we only had one night to go out and try one of the more than 120 burgers on offer at various restaurants across the city.  Wednesday Dave got home late from a golf game so we figured we’d just go to Hermanos, the restaurant in our building. Their burger was called the Montivedeo.  Spicy bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce, red onions, egg, banana peppers, ground steak patty, confit garlic, black pepper aioli all on fresh jalepeno and black sesame seed bun. Pretty darn delicious! Hopefully next year we’ll have time to try a few more of the burger week offerings but considering we only got to have one this year we made a pretty good choice.

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It’s Burger Week in Winnipeg

Just in case you haven’t already heard it is Burger Week in Winnipeg.  Nearly a hundred restaurants in our city have custom designed burgers for their patrons.  We decided to try a burger at Shawarma Khan. It’s a restaurant near our home owned by Obby Khan a retired professional football player who used to be on the roster of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. My husband Dave had read about their burger in the newspaper and it sounded delicious.  It was made with lamb, beef and flafel and served on a sweet potato-poppyseed egg bun lined with melted mozzarella cheese.  The meat patty was topped with  roasted red pepper,  seven-bean hummus, pickled turnips, sriracha coleslaw, caramelized onions and garlic sauce. The burger was fabulous as you can see from these photos.  I needed lots of napkins to clean all that juicy goodness off my fingers while I ate. I LOVED the fries that came with the burger.  They were crispy and spicy and hot.  Owner Obby Khan came over to check how we were enjoying our burgers and Dave asked him to pose for a photo with me. Obby was happy to oblige. 

We may try another burger in the coming days since Burger Week lasts till Thursday.  But the next time we are going to share a burger. I was so full after that  Shawarma Khan burger I could barely walk. 

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