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Where’s the Toilet, Bowing on the Golf Course and Don’t Forget the Dads

Dave and I are back on the golf course on a regular basis. Normally at the end of a round, you shake hands with your fellow players and thank them for a good round. One of our golf partners last week told us since handshaking is no longer recommended an alternative is to put your hands together and bow to your golf companions. That’s a practice Dave and I already know.

Dave and me with our golfing partners Maggie and Clovis on a course in Chiang Mai Thailand

When we lived in Hong Kong we went on a golfing excursion organized by a tour company to Chiang Mai Thailand. Dave and I were partnered up with a friendly couple, Maggie and Clovis for most of our games, and they taught us to use the bowing protocol at the end of our golf rounds. 

An article by Dan Reid on the Golf at a Glance website suggests ten different alternatives to the handshake at the conclusion of a golf round and ends up recommending ‘the bow’ as the best way to recognize your partners before you leave the 18th hole. 

I planned to spend almost eight hours away from home the other day and wondered what I would do if I needed to use the washroom.  During COVID-19 restaurants, coffee shops and many other businesses with restrooms are closed or open only for take out. Their washrooms aren’t available to the public.  In an interview on CTV news Lezlie Lowe, author of the book  No Place To Go: How Public Toilets Fail Our Private Needs says COVID-19 is highlighting the lack of on-street, accessible washrooms in Canada. Most towns and cities rely on people being able to use customer toilets in businesses and now that those are closed the dearth of public toilets and the need for them is becoming more evident. Clean and accessible public washrooms will be especially important as we look for ways to improve hygiene and sanitation to help prevent the spread of deadly viruses in the future. 

I will be the first to admit Ontario premier Doug Ford has impressed me with his handling of COVID-19.  Maclean’s magazine notes that Ford bungled his way through his first term in office creating one disaster after another, but during the pandemic, he has surprised everyone. He has listened to scientists, shown empathy for people struggling due to unemployment, done his best to help health care workers, and generally been as the Maclean’s writer puts it calm, competent and decent

But yesterday some people took exception to the fact that Ford thanked mothers for their dedication and diligence during the pandemic, handling all the household tasks, teaching and caring for their children, while at the same time continuing to work at their full-time jobs from home. Some fathers pointed out there are also many families in Canada where it’s the Dads who are providing primary care for children and working from home while mothers are out doing front-line essential service jobs.  

I think I will cut the premier a little slack on this one and suggest his heart was in the right place.  Parents are being called on to do a really demanding job right now and as this article in the Globe and Mail points out it hasn’t been easy.  So kudos to Canadian parents. 

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