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Among the Birch and Pine

Dave and I have a good friend who owns a large country property in southern Manitoba. He was kind enough to let us go for a walk in the forested area around his home this week.

His beautiful house is nestled in a huge stand of pine.

Our friend has created an art gallery of sorts in the trees by fastening many different kinds of bicycles to the trunks of the pines.

You have to look way up to see some of the bicycles, and in doing so you get a marvellous view of the tree tops.

Leaving the stand of pine around our friend’s home we walked some six kilometres on paths in his thirty acre birch forest. Our friend has spent hours grooming and clearing the trails.

As we hiked we saw grouse and chickadees. We heard crows and jays.

Our friend is a World War II aficionado and we discovered all kinds of military memorabilia and reminders of the war tucked into the trees.

When we returned from our ninety minute trek our friend had a roaring fire going for us to sit around.

We drank wine and ate chocolate and just soaked in the beauty of nature around us.

The enjoyment of the day will sustain us during the coming additional two weeks of CODE RED lockdown that have been announced for the province.

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