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I Got Lost Twice Yesterday

Dave took this picture of me and my sister at breakfast yesterday morning.  The breakfasts at all our hotels have been wonderful. At least a dozen different kinds of fresh bread and buns, all kinds of cold meats, a variety of cheeses,  fresh vegetables and fruits, a yogurt bar with an array of toppings, eggs and bacon and sausages, and a variety of jams and jellies.   One morning there was  even a honey bar complete with a whole comb of honey right from the hive. Near our hotel in Uberlingen was this chapel dedicated to St. Leonard.  Since my church was learning about different saints this summer I checked out what St. Leonard was famous for. Apparently if prisoners prayed to St. Leonard their chains broke and they were free.  That explains why St. Leonard is depicted this way outside his chapel with a barred door and carrying chains. There are more than 20,000 castles in Germany and we have cycled by quite a few of them, including this one. 
Yesterday we cycled by vineyard,after vineyard on steep hills.  Dave figured you would need to be as fit as a mountain goat to work in these vineyards.  Dave tasted some of the grapes and said they were very sweet. Since we had cycled by so many vineyards we thought we should order a local wine for supper in Kressbornn where we spent the night.  So we ordered a Kressbornn red.
I got lost twice yesterday.  Once when Dave was ahead of me I came to a intersection with bike paths both to the left and right.  I couldn’t see him on either path so I chose left.  WRONG!  After going a couple of kilometers and not finding him I went back to the intersection and went right.  Eventually I caught up with my sister.  We waited and waited and finally Dave turned up.  He had gone back an extra five kilometers to look for me. So he got in a bonus 10 kilometers today.  The second time I got lost I was in the lead and Dave turned off our route to go to our hotel.  When he didn’t catch up to me I eventually turned around and went back.  It had started to pour and I took shelter under a restaurant awning till he found me.  By then it was not only raining but hailing so we sheltered under a playground umbrella for a bit before making our way to the hotel.  We were both throughly soaked but luckily our bike rental company provides water proof packs so our stuff was okay. In the future I need to make it a priority to stick closer to my cycling companions. 

I had my photo taken with German Chancellor Angela Merkel today.  She is running for re-election and her campaign slogan is “for a Germany in which we want to live well.”

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56 Kilometers Under Our Tires

swanIs a swan more beautiful from the front or back?  swan from behindI didn’t know till I took these two photos of a swan on Lake Constance.  I think the swan is actually more lovely from the rear. map of lake konstanzWe are biking around Lake Constance or as it is known in Germany The Bodensee.   Today we drove the north and west shoreline of the upper part of the lake. 56 kilometres in all.  dave navigatingMy husband Dave and brother-in-law Ken acted as our navigators.  german man helps usWe had a little trouble getting out of Konstanz,  the German city where we had spent the night.  This friendly elderly gentleman stopped to give us directions and ended up driving part of the way with us and setting us on the right road. dave and marylou leaving konstanzThe weather was quite cool when we started out but that was great for biking.  

karen bike trip

My sister Kaaren was easy to spot on the road in her bright red vest.

Our navigators led us astray once but it meant that we had the chance to bike this lovely avenue of poplars.And see fields full of luscious cauliflower, lettuce, turnips and other vegetables. We stopped to take photos of this field of 300 origami cellophane cranes.  They formed an interesting art installation by Hadmut Bittiger called Beating of Wings.  Cranes are standing ready to begin their worldwide migration.  On each one’s wings is inscribed a message in a different language to help people around the globe build bridges between one another. 

We took a break for refreshments around noon.  It was still chilly but about an hour later the sun burst out and we ended up taking off our jackets and enjoying the warm afternoon. I stopped to take a picture of this wildflower fence and in the process I lost the rest of the group.  Thankfully my sister had waited for me up ahead and it didn’t take long for the guys to realize we were missing and my brother-in-law headed back to find us. Dave reminded me that if I got lost all I had to was keep the lake on my left and I’d arrive at our destination for the night……the Chlosterhof  Hotel in Stein am Rhein. It is a city in Switzerland.  Our bike route around Lake Constance is going to take us through three countries, Germany, Austria and Switzerland. 

After checking into our hotel we strolled the streets of Stein am Rhein a well-preserved town with medieval buildings.  We looked at the beautiful murals painted on all the shops. The town is called Stein Am Rhein because it is at a point where Lake Constance becomes the Rhine River. 

Written on the wall beside our bed in our hotel in Stein Am Rhein is this reminder.

The laughter you send out comes right back to you.

A good thing to keep in mind on a bike trip or on our journey through life. 

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