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Book Pilfering and the Bassoon

book collectionI had a lovely morning yesterday.  Went to a friend’s home.  He is moving to a condo in Halifax after owning a home in Winnipeg for many decades and needs to get rid of most of his book collection, which occupies the walls of several rooms. I was able to pilfer some wonderful titles!  I only took my back pack and one grocery bag along so I wouldn’t be tempted to take too many books.  I needed to ferry them home on the bus. I asked my friend if it wasn’t hard for him to part with all his wonderful books, but he said strangely it wasn’t and was giving him a certain feeling of freedom. I was glad to help with that. 

millenium concert seriesI got off the bus at McDermot Avenue and popped into the Millennium Centre for their Tuesday noon hour concert series.  The treat in store for me was a program of music with Kathryn Brooks on the bassoon, Madeline Hildebrand on piano and Beverly Wang on the oboe.  The bassoon was the featured instrument and I learned it is called ‘the clown of the orchestra.’ In Kathryn Brooks’ hands it was hardly clownish but rather a thing of beauty. I gained a whole new appreciation for the bassoon. My only disappointment during the terrific concert was that because the musicians were on the same level as we were, we couldn’t see their faces or hands as they performed.  On the last piece a trio for oboe, bassoon and piano by Jean Francaix, Madeline’s fingers must have been literally flying across the piano keys and I wish I could have seen them! There are six more concerts in the series. I hope to take in more!

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