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A Hat for Mothers Day

with aunt vi all hatted up (1)Check out our classy hats!  Last Friday I was at a lovely Mother’s Day tea in Saskatoon with my 95 year old Aunt Viola.  She is my mother’s oldest sister and the only member of her family still living.  I visit her regularly and help take care of her affairs. The personal care home where she lives has a great activities program with special features for the residents both morning and afternoon.  The afternoon activity on Friday was a Mother’s Day Tea.  Fancy tea cups and a selection of hats were provided along with lovely tea sandwiches, fruit, vegetable trays and cake.   Aunt Vi has been the lynch pin around which my mother’s extended family revolves and she has also been a keeper of its history.  So it is always great to chat with her and learn new things about my mother’s family.  

vi and her friends

Aunt Vi visits with her friends Ruth and Louise.

I also enjoyed my time with the other women at her table.  One hailed from Altona and another from Morden Manitoba and one of my aunt’s long time friends Louise, another retired teacher like my aunt, was seated right beside her.  It was nice to visit with them and get to know them a little better. Since I no longer have a mother of my own I appreciate being able to celebrate the Mothers Day holiday with my aunt.  I always feel my Mom’s presence and blessing in a special way when I am with her sister. 

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Visiting Aunt Vi

me and aunt viI visited my 91-year-old Aunt Vi in Saskatoon yesterday.  I helped her set up her diningroom  table for an upcoming birthday party for a good friend. Aunt Vi will be hosting  twelve guests.  She told me all about The Dressmaker of Khair Khana, the memoir her book club is discussing at their meeting next week.  I helped her type up an article about her volunteer work at her church over the last fifty years for the church newspaper, and she gave me a bunch of pictures she’d found in old photo albums. The photos brought back lots of memories which she shared with me. 

Me and Aunt Vi in 1955

Me and Aunt Vi in 1955

Aunt Vi had homemade cookies ready for me to sample and she sent a bag along with me to share with the rest of my family. She showed me the current needlework picture she is working on and we discussed various news items including the protests in Hong Kong.   

Aunt Vi working as a volunteer in Washington DC

Aunt Vi working as a volunteer in Washington DC

Aunt Vi who had a long career as a public school teacher, is in the process of making a memory book about the various voluntary service assignments she carried out on behalf of the Mennonite Church in a variety of locations. She’s going to an all day meeting today at her church about making congregations more accepting and  welcoming for all people.

Me and Aunt Vi 1957

Me and Aunt Vi 1957

Aunt Vi was going out for dinner yesterday evening with a friend. She told me about the flowering plant on her balcony which she’d nursed back to health through a loss of leaves and blossoms. She and I went through a book of postcards  from a trip to Europe she took me on when I was a teenager and we caught up on family news. 

We looked at photos of her great-great nieces and nephews and she told me about the family heirlooms she’d displayed and talked about at a seniors’ luncheon at her church. 

I hope if I live to be 91 I can be even half as active and engaged in life as Aunt Vi. It’s always a pleasure to visit her. 

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