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Questions From the Genius Bar

I spent a couple of hours at the genius bar of the Apple Store on Monday with a very nice guy named Mike who helped me free up a ton of space on my computer since it was almost out of memory.  

A woman who looked to be a decade or maybe even two older than I am, sat across the table where a twenty -something Apple employee with glasses and a pony tail patiently provided answers to a long list of questions she had written down about her computer and her phone.  

When he had answered every single one, she patted him on the arm and said, “You tell your mother young man that she did an excellent job of raising you. You are so polite and kind.”  The Apple guy just smiled as the woman slowly and carefully slid off her chair and walked out of the store. 

For some reason that exchange stuck with me and  left me asking some questions.

Why didn’t the young man’s father get any credit for raising such a good kid?

How many people are there who still think parenting is primarily the mother’s task?

Do parents play the most vital role in raising successful happy kids? What roles do schools, communities, extended family and churches have? 

What about the parents out there who do everything right and still raise children who are troubled or struggle through life and aren’t polite and kind like the young man in the Apple Store? 

What percentage of  jobs require not only technical expertise but also the ability to interact personably and politely with others? 

Could I think of any bad experience I’d had with Apple? 

Who’d have thought a visit to the Genius Bar could be so thought provoking?

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Silver Lining

I downloaded the new photo program Apple just introduced and when I was asked to import my photos from I-photo I did. Imagine my dismay when only 265 of I’m guessing at least 20,000 photos had transferred into the new program and my I-Photo application was empty.  Luckily all my photos had been saved in other locations.  Initially I was in tears at the thought of having to re-import all those photos and sort them all into albums.

But I’ve been needing to weed through my photos for a long time and I knew that thousands of them needed trashing.  I’ve decided this will give me the perfect opportunity to do that. It has also given me new resolve to be more timely about deleting photos that aren’t good or are duplicates immediately after I import them. 

stocks prague museumSifting through all those photos I’m finding some gems I had totally forgotten I had like this one of me trying out the stocks in the interactive section of a museum in Prague. 

There’s a silver lining to every frustration. 

Now I just need to figure out why photos I take on my I-Phone no longer transfer into this new Apple photo program when I plug my I-Phone into my computer. Any Apple experts out there know? 

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A Prince of a Guy

Saturday afternoon a guy named Gary became my knight in shining armour.  Everytime I tried to go onto any website a huge red square covered my lap top screen with a warning my computer had been compromised!  Then a long message would pop up announcing someone had access to my e-mail account, my Facebook page, possibly my credit card numbers and contact information. They suggested any unsaved data I had on my computer could be corrupted and might disappear. I was given a number to call for HELP.  I PANICKED!  I had been working on a writing assignment I hadn’t backed up.  Not smart! But I might have lost  forty hours worth  of work.

I decided not to call the number on the screen but rather called the Apple Support hotline.  What a good decision!  I was connected to a guy named Gary who literally had the patience of Job.  He spent such a long time talking me through all the steps I needed to take to get rid of the ad ware which Gary said had probably piggybacked its way onto my computer when I downloaded something innocent looking.  He said the ‘pirates’ were hoping I’d call their HELP number and then they’d charge me hundreds of dollars to disable something THEY had put on my computer.

Gary on the other hand charged me nothing and whenever I got flustered he patiently kept giving me instructions and alternatives in his calm, even voice.  He called me MaryLou or ‘Ma’am’ and kept reassuring me that we’d solve my problem AND WE DID!!

I was so happy not to have lost my work and be rid of that horrible warning message I started to cry. “Now Ma’am. No need for that.” Gary reassured me.  I thanked him profusely but he insisted he had only been doing his job. I wished him a Happy Easter and thanked him once again.

What great service!!!  And people wonder why I’m devoted to Apple products?  It’s because of people like Gary.  A prince of a guy!

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