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Imagine Having A Memory Like That at 88 !

We went to see the movie  All the Money in the World.  It tells the story of the kidnapping in 1973 of J.P. Getty’s grandson and namesake.  The senior Getty was at the time one of the richest men in the whole world but refused to pay his grandson’s ransom.   The movie certainly makes the point that all the money in the world can’t make you happy, or buy you love or respect.  It shows how in the end the accumulation of things leaves one cold and lonely.   

What I admired most about the film however was Christopher Plummer’s performance.  At age 88 he was called in after the entire movie had been shot to play the part of J.P. Getty because Kevin Spacey, the man who had filled the  starring role had been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior.  In just nine days all the scenes with Spacey had to be filmed again with Plummer in his place.  It wasn’t until I saw the film that I truly realized what a feat that was.   Plummer’s part was HUGE!  The number of lines he had to learn in short order is amazing.  At 88 he claimed it wasn’t that hard.  After years of memorizing scripts  he’s become quite adept at it.   Plummer memorized the longest sections first and then worked his way down to the shorter ones.

It made me wonder if I shouldn’t take up drama in my old age if it helps you retain such a remarkable memory.  I think many octogenarians  would give an awful lot of money, though perhaps not all the money in the world,  for a memory like that!

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