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A Christmas Tree For Readers

christmas book tree

Our church Christmas tree made of books. The baskets at the side are for mitts and hats to be donated to charities who distribute clothing to needy people.

Last spring, Lorraine one of the creative and talented women who decorates our church building for the various seasons asked me if I knew where she could get some old books.  I am the church librarian and I told her each year I weed our library collection pulling books off the shelves that are no longer being taken out by patrons to make room for new ones.  She asked me to save the books I was withdrawing from circulation.  In church last Sunday I saw the reason why!

lorraine with her tree

The very talented Lorraine with the tree she created.

Lorraine has taken all those old books and turned them into a beautiful Christmas tree for our church foyer. manger scene book christmas treeShe has thoughtfully arranged children’s books near the bottom of the tree and included a manger scene. 

The tree is outside the door of the church library and it has already drawn any number of new readers into the library because they have questions about the tree.  We celebrate Christmas because of a very special story.  How appropriate to recognize the season with a tree full of stories. 

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