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Ultimate Spirit

ultimate championships

The last couple of days we have been enjoying watching our son play in the World Masters Ultimate Club Championships here in Winnipeg. joel masters worldsOur son’s Saskatchewan team won the Canadian Championships last year giving them a berth in this international event. korea vs. canadaSo far they have played four games against Columbia, Korea, India and the United States. They’ve won three of their four games. spirit circleOne of the things I think is really great about Ultimate is that after the game the members of both teams stand interspersed with their arms around each other and talk about the game.  They compliment each other on things each team did well and show their respect and affirmation for the skills players showed on the field. They might also talk about how teams could improve their spirit and attitude in future games. There are no referees in Ultimate so players make their own calls. This means honesty and fair play are even more important in the game.

joel ultimate mastersWe are looking forward to seeing more games the rest of the week. I remember the days of watching our son play basketball, hockey, volleyball and baseball competitively when he was still in school and my heart racing when the game was close.  I’m finding that excitement is still there a couple of decades later.

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Back on the Course Again

golfing in leamington (1)Yesterday I golfed for the first time since I broke my wrist.  I was a little nervous about it wondering if I would feel any pain or if the break would have impacted my golf swing at all.  We were golfing in Leamington, Ontario with my brother-in-law and sister-in-law so I had to use rented clubs and it took a while to get used to them.  But by the end of the round I was hitting some decent drives and fairway shots, and my putting, if I do say so myself, was pretty darn good.  On at least five of the nine holes my playing partners were impressed with the long putts I sank. And by the end of the round my wrist didn’t even hurt.  me and paulWe celebrated my return to the game on the patio of the golf club with drinks.  It felt good to be back on the course again. 

beautiful Lake Erie

Beautiful view of Lake Erie from the golf club patio.

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Make New Friends But Keep the Old

I went along with my husband Dave yesterday to watch him play in a ball tournament in Steinbach.  I hadn’t really planned to go but Dave said the team was having a meal after the tournament at one of the player’s homes and partners were invited.  He said he’d really like me to come.  So I changed my plans and went along.  I was so glad I did. 

My friend Marge came to the tournament to watch her husband play ball too.  Dave and I have been friends with Marge and her husband Fran since 1976 when we were their neighbours in Landmark for a year. Marge and I hadn’t seen each other since January.  We had been in Europe for two months and they had been on a trip to Europe as well and so the first order of business was to catch up on our travel experiences. Then we moved on to talk about our children and grandchildren and siblings and friends and hobbies and volunteer work and books and a little bit of politics and church and our childhoods and summer plans and………….. suffice it to say our husbands’ expertise on the ball diamond did not garner our full attention. 

I love making new friends but there is something lovely about spending time with old friends who already know all about you and your past, someone with whom you have so many shared experiences. No matter how long you have been apart you can just pick up talking with one another and feel like the last time you were together was the day before. 

I learned a round song when I was a child that went………… Make new friends but keep the old.  One is silver and the other gold. 

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Jets Fever

You know Jets Fever has overtaken Winnipeg leo mol tree children jetswhen iconic sculptures like Leo Mol’s Tree Children are adorned with Winnipeg Jets shirts and………..

watching the jetswhen a woman like me who doesn’t really follow hockey dresses up in a We Are Winnipeg white out shirt and watches a whole game glued to the screen.  

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A Curling Champion Again

The only sport in which I have ever won a trophy is in curling.  In grade ten I curled in an extra-curricular school league with three guys who were all excellent curlers.  I played lead and we walked away with the championship at the end of the year. So I always feel good about stepping back out onto the curling ice.  It is one sport where I kind of know what I am doing.  

bethel curling crewLast Sunday our church had a curling match at the Granite Curling Club with ten teams participating.  I was paired up with three guys again and we managed to win our game by just one point.  I made some pretty good shots! In a spirit of cooperation and sportsmanship both teams posed for a photo together at the end of our game. It was fun to be out on the curling ice again and it brought back good memories of my highschool curling days. 

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Home Safe and Sound?

 My younger son is a professional musician.  He is on the road a lot! He travels in a van all over the United States and Canada pursuing his career.  And I worry.  I think about the dangerous things that could happen as his band travels in all kinds of weather from one performance to another. When I know he’s due to arrive back home in Winnipeg I’ll send him a text Home safe and sound?  I breathe a sigh of relief when he responds with a yes.

 My older son travels the Saskatchewan highways to work each day.  He is a high school teacher in a small community about a forty- minute drive from his home in Saskatoon. He makes that journey five days a week in all kinds of weather. And I worry. He and his family also do lots of traveling.  When I hear they have arrived safely back in Saskatoon after a journey I am always so relieved. 

I remember coming home from my high school graduation celebration in the wee hours of the morning.  Our graduation class had driven to Winnipeg for a river cruise. I was surprised to find my mother had been awake all night cleaning her kitchen cupboards.  “I couldn’t sleep,” she said, “till I knew you were home safely.”

One Easter Sunday my young sons and I went out to Winkler to visit my grandparents.  It was very foggy when we headed home and Grandma was worried.  Our phone was ringing when I walked into our house. It was my grandfather.  “Good,” he said when he heard my voice.  “Now that you are home safely Grandma can stop praying and go to bed.”

Worry for your children’s safety spans generations.

Newspaper columnist Michele Landsburg once wrote….“it is at the very moment we give birth, that we first begin to truly understand and fear death.”  

I think the reason so many people have been so deeply affected by the Humboldt Broncos tragedy is because all parents and grandparents understand exactly the kind of fear Michele Landsberg is talking about. It breaks our hearts to know that for sixteen sets of parents and grandparents those fears have been realized.

humboldt broncos 

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That Jets Hat

dave walk in algarve portugal

My husband Dave only brought one hat to Portugal for our two months here and it is his Winnipeg Jets hat.  Maybe you’ve noticed him wearing it in practically every photo on this blog. It is surprising how many conversations that hat initiates. We just checked into a hotel in Evora Portugal.  In the lobby a man asked about Dave’s hat. Turns out he was from Ottawa and his son had played in the NHL for the Ottawa Senators.  His son was now on a hockey team in Sweden. “Those Jets are playoff material this year aren’t they?”  he remarked to Dave and a long conversation ensued. 

dave and rudy espiche golf course
During a golf round in the Algarve Dave and Rudy met some Finnish golfers who treated them like old friends when they saw Dave’s Jets hat. Then Dave initiated a conversation about Patrik Laine and he thought the Finns might hug him. They were THRILLED Dave knew all about their native son. lunch in bergauIn a restaurant a couple approached Dave after seeing his Winnipeg Jets hat and told us they were Canadians. Turns out they ran a campground in Manigotagan and were traveling through Portugal checking out Portuguese campgrounds.  

lagos zoo

Dave chatting with an ape about the Jets at the Lagos zoo after the ape started a conversation about his hat

This is just a sample of the way Dave’s Jets hat has helped us meet people here in Portugal. Dave faithfully watches highlights of all the Jets games on my computer so he is keeping up with the Jets’ progress and cheering them on from here.  We have planned our arrival home so he can use the last of his seasons’ tickets and share in the excitement of the Jets making the playoffs. 

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