In Recovery Mode

Talking with the ever delightful, incredibly supportive and hugely successful children’s author Colleen Nelson who interviewed me at the launch of my novel Sixties Girl

I will write more about the launch of my novel Sixties Girl in a future blog post but for today I’m kind of in recovery mode.

Photo from McNally Robinson’s Twitter feed

I had a wonderful time at my launch. As the McNally post on Twitter said it was “standing room only.”

Signing a book for my niece

There were people there from my family- siblings, in-laws, cousins, children, aunties, a niece, my husband Dave, people from my church family, former teaching colleagues, lots of friends, loyal supporters from the writing community, people I went to high school with, people I went to university with, people who I taught at one time, and some people I’d never met before who had read my first book or follow my blog.

With my daughter-in-law, son and husband at the launch

My husband Dave, in a signature move, spontaneously invited some friends over after the launch which was lovely but it meant I stayed up too late and perhaps drank a little more wine than I should have.

Gorgeous flowers from my friend Harriet and marvellous pop-up card made by my friend Debbie- look at all the details in the card each one related to my book in some way

So today I’m in recovery mode. I’ll go to the gym. Do the crossword in Saturday’s paper, pop in and see my Dad and maybe even start a new jigsaw puzzle.

With my fabulous aunties- Louise, Nettie and Millie

Thanks so much to everyone who came to my launch. If you couldn’t be there you can watch it here.

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8 responses to “In Recovery Mode

  1. Great job on the launch! I enjoyed it from the comfort of my tablet on YouTube lol.

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  2. It was a fabulous launch, MaryLou! I was there on YouTube. đŸ™‚

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  3. I really enjoyed the book launch via Zoom last night. Great chapter about the threat of war between Russia and the USA. I still get that fear occasionally with all the unrest and war around the world.
    I’d meant to write earlier regarding the classroom maps that I remember so well. They started my craving for Crispy Crunch bars and now I don’t think they are available anymore. lol

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  4. So wonderful to see such a happy, delightful post. You are so lucky to have three aunties in your life! You’ve encouraged me to get on the ball and do a bit of promotion on my new book as well as the one coming out soon–both self-published. I’ve found a delightful young man who is going to promote it online and beef up my website. I have plenty of energy for writing but none left for promoting and living in Mexico, book tours are not a possibility. I’m so pleased for you that yours went so well.


  5. Dear Judy, Just went to your blog and read your spring poem. Delightful. Nice to meet another daily blogger. Also downloaded your Prairie Moths book to read. The colouring book looks intriguing. I am lucky because my publisher does lots of my promotion. She set up the whole book launch last night and my publisher paid for it too. Thanks for reading my blog. MaryLou


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