Sixties Girl is On the Road

Just got word this morning that my brother and his partner who are travelling in India’s Himalayas have downloaded my newest novel Sixties Girl and have started reading it.

My friend Simone tells me she’s enjoying it from her vacation home in Italy.

And my friend Wendy went on a walk a few days ago with her husband near their home in St. John’s Newfoundland taking Sixties Girl along and photographing it in all these scenic spots!

My former colleague Sharon with my book in Australia

One of the fun things about publishing my first book Lost on the Prairie was receiving photos from people who were reading my book across Canada and around the world.

That’s beginning now for Sixties Girl and it’s really exciting!

I’m launching Sixties Girl at McNally Robinson Booksellers on Friday, April 28th at 7 pm. It is being hosted by the renowned Canadian children’s author Colleen Nelson. Hope you’ll join us!

And if you want to buy the book ahead of time so you can pepper me with questions on April 28th it is available at all McNally locations and at the Steinbach Heritage Village Museum.

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